More Than 3,000 Killed During Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s Drug War


By Winston C.

In the first one hundred days, 3,600 have died in Philippines’ President’s drug war. Amnesty International has said Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs is at a “state-sanctioned violence on a truly shocking scale.” He has added that this crackdown will last another six months because “he cannot kill them all.”

Mr. Duterte was elected into office in May with the promise to prevent the Philippines from becoming a drug-ridden state and kill those who are involved in the drug scene. He has also compared his crackdown to the Holocaust and would be “happy” to slaughter as many drug dealers as Adolf Hitler brutally murdered the Jews. Before being elected he promised in his drug war that he would kill more than 100,000 criminals, and threaten to “…dump all of you into [the] Manila Bay, and fatten all the fish there. He has no regards for human rights.

More than 23,500 police raids have been set out to arrest suspected citizens who use drugs or are in the drug market. Over 1.6 million homes were visited by police to encourage drug addicts to surrender their uses of drugs. The sheer number of drug dealers, 732,000, who have surrender have surprised the police and Mr. Duterte. This had lead the government to find money and land to build rehabilitation centres to treat drug dealers.

Due to his drug campaign, the Philippine Peso has dropped to 48.245 pesos per American dollar which has been a new low since September, 2009. The economic problem is due to his controversial drug campaign which is causing a distaste among many countries. His comment on the US president, Barack Obama, caused international investors to pull out millions of dollars from the Philippines stock market sending it crashing.

The United States, the European Union, the United Nations and the human rights committee, have noticed the the murderous acts and have investigated into the rising death toll. When the US questioned the the number of killings, President Rodrigo Duterte, replied by insulting Barack Obama. The EU has suffered as well from Mr. Duterte’s verbal wrath after they tried investigating and questioning the increasing death toll in his country.


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