So You’re Thinking About Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson: As Bad as Trump and Clinton.

By: Dhan P.

So you hate Hillary, and despise Donald Trump (also known as Tronald Dump). So you’ve started to consider former New Mexico governor, and Libertarian party nominee, Gary Johnson. He seems like a good alternative to the big two, right? Well, it seems that you’re out of luck. Gary Johnson is unqualified, to put it mildly. He doesn’t have a good grasp on foreign policy, believes in climate change, but not in doing anything about it, and wants to eliminate several departments of the US federal government without even knowing what they do.

Let’s start with foreign policy. Remember when Johnson asked “What is Aleppo?” Well, the lack of experience doesn’t end there. In another blunder, Johnson couldn’t name a single foreign leader he admired. One ‘Aleppo moment’ may just be a fluke, but two separate incidents are unacceptable. He doesn’t think foreign policy experience is essential to be the most powerful person in the world. But hey, if you don’t know what Aleppo is, you won’t send the military there.

Another major policy blunder is his insistence that not knowing geographical knowledge is not an asset to the presidency. In two separate interviews, with The New York Times and CNN, he said that because Hillary Clinton could “dot the [I]’s and cross the t’s on foreign leaders and geographic locations, that now somehow you’re qualified to put us in that situation?” While it is a valid criticism of Clinton, he then insisted that because he does not have knowledge about all of these situations, he is somehow more qualified. A non-interventionist policy is valid, but it would be nice to know he could name all the countries on a map.

Image result for gary johnson tongue thing

What are you trying to accomplish here? (MSNBC)

Gary Johnson believes that climate change is in our future. In billions of years, the sun will engulf the earth, so the earth will warm up! Even if that is a joke, his actual policy is not much better. He accepts the science of climate change, however, he doesn’t believe that national or international policy can do anything about it. International cooperation can curb climate change, but only if people like Johnson are not at the helm of the US government.

Libertarians believe that government should not interfere with life. However, Johnson’s party takes this to the extreme. At the Libertarian convention, Johnson was booed when he stated his belief that people should be required to have a driver’s license to drive, which shows how much libertarians believe in no government interference. Johnson wants to eliminate the minimum wage and let the market decide what it should be. And we all know how well that would turn out. He also wants to get rid of various US departments, such as the IRS, without even knowing their full function.

While Gary Johnson may seem like an alternative to Trump and Clinton, his personality and policy fall apart under cursory investigation. He doesn’t seem to know or care about foreign policy, and doesn’t know how the US government works. He doesn’t believe in doing anything about climate change either. Gary Johnson is not qualified enough to be President of the United States.


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