Science and Religion

Robert M

Nowadays science seems to be everywhere, it is even taught in school. But religion is still very much alive nowadays, yet some people feel that the two cannot work together. Is that true or does the media make the rift seem bigger than it really is?
Many people don’t see any problem with accepting science and religion. In many places in history thee was no difference between religion and science, some even saw science as a way to understand creation. It was only after some disasters in the 14th century that turned the Christian church against science. In the 14th century there was the Black Death, a Little Ice Age, many wars (including the Hundred Years War), trade cutoff with China, among many other things. On top of that the people were losing faith in the church and new forms of Christianity were being formed, which the church saw as wrong. Many of the reformers were killed as the church thought that you should take the bible literally and if you did not it was heresy. Science did not do that; many scientists afterwards were murdered for their beliefs, take Galileo for example.

Nowadays many people don’t take everything from their religion literally; there are many Christians who are also scientists, the same with scientists who believe in a god. Yes, some forms of Christianity have been against science as they thought that the bible should be taken literally, but nowadays most of those people are extremists that make up a small part of a religion. So science and religion are really not that different, it is mostly extremists from both sides that fuel the battle. The media makes the rift seem bigger than it is, you see how much the media loves Donald Trump, why would they not report on others with strong opinions, it helps sell papers.

So what will become of science and religion? Some may not be happy with it, but religion and science are here to stay, at least for now.


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