Killer clowns haunting this Halloween

img_0546Ryan B.

Should you be a bit more afraid this Halloween? It seems like it’s a new thing this year for people to dress up as scary clowns and creep on people in parks, streets and other public places. Nobody is really sure why they are doing it; it might be some kind of screwed sense of entertainment or it might just be for attention, which if so they are certainly getting what they what.

Is this even legal? Technically yeah it kinda is, unless a clown touches you or creeps on you repeatedly creeping on people in a clown costume is legal. That’s a problem because now we have parents afraid to take their five year old child out for trick or treating because they don’t want to have an encounter with a clown. People need to remember that it is illegal if they touch you. However you never know what someone walking around in the middle of the night in a clown costume is going to do.

What’s the story like on social media? Recently it has been a total gong show; some “clowns” have accounts and have been doing some borderline illegal stuff. Such as, making threats to people and even going as far as threatening schools. There are some instagram pages that have pictures of clowns saying “what a great night it was” and how fun it was scaring all those children. In some cases they have been waiting on people’s front steps, and people have had to call the police to get them off their property.

Will this end after Halloween? I sure hope so, and I’m betting to say that society agrees. As we reach the holiday filled with tricks and treats, only time will tell what happens that night. Sure it was somewhat of a joke, but now I think some legal action needs to happen because it’s definitely getting out of hand if schools are getting threatened by clowns on twitter.

Overall, I think that this is awful and creepy and needs to stop. This is only for attention, and they sure have gotten what they wanted. Hopefully everyone can enjoy their Halloween without being followed by some creep dressed up as something you see at children’s birthday parties. Have a wonderful clown free Halloween. Stay safe, and see you next month.


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