Dr. Guidance: Help for Youth

Dear Dr. Guidance,

The holidays are coming in 2 months, yet I want to celebrate Christmas now! When is it too earlier to start celebrating the holidays? Also, I need to get my family and friends some gifts but I don’t know what they want! Please Dr. Guidance; guide me!

Seasonal Kathryn

Dear Seasonal Kathryn,

For when best to start celebrating Christmas, it depends on whom you ask. For our neighbours to the south, it is generally agreed that after Thanksgiving (this year being on the 24th of November) is a good time to start putting up the decorations. But in Canada it is a little harder to come across the correct date. You should at least wait until December to put up the decorations, but if you want to put them up earlier, wait until after Remembrance Day (this year being on November 11), many people find it disrespectful to start celebrating such a commercial holiday when you should be respecting those who gave their lives to our country. Remember that Christmas songs are annoying to many and once December comes all that will be on the radio will be Christmas songs, even though not everyone in Canada celebrates Christmas.

This may seem early for holiday shopping for some, but if you start now you can take some stress out of the holiday season. If you are buying for a friend listen to them, they might point out something that could be a great gift idea. If not, gift cards from a place you know they shop would be a safe bet, or you could get something that they are in to, such as a dress if they are into fashion. For parents and adults get them something homemade, such as baked goods or artwork. If you don’t think they will like that get them gift cards or again listen to see if they point out any things that they want. But remember that just because Christmas has been made commercial does not mean that you have to be to; homemade gifts mean more than bought gifts for many people. The gift of experience is also always better than something materialistic; signing them up for an art class would be a better gift than getting them something they will never use.


Happy pre-holidays, Dr. Guidance


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