More Than Just a Movie


By: Cal R.

With the Calgary International Film Festival underway, there’s no better time to discover unique films than now. From fascinating documentaries, dramatic movies, and humorous shorts, you’re bound to find these hidden gems at Calgary’s highly anticipated festival. But as you sit back and enjoy the show, know that film is more than what it seems.

“Make me laugh, make me cry, make me think. That’s what the power of film… the power of any art, does.”  Sebastian S, a filmmaker pursuing his passion here in Calgary, had brought an insight – not just to the film industry, but to film itself.

Film is a very three-dimensional thing (sometimes literally!) There’s something deeper to it than to tell a story or carry a message; it has the ability to make someone feel something. Sebastian had said that “Emotion impacts the audience… that’s what the power of art is: can it move you?” There’s an incredible depth to film and the impact left on those viewing. Whether it’s to make you laugh or cry, feel misery or hope, there’s a way film can reach out and change you. Although, we have the filmmakers to thank, because without them there wouldn’t be film.

“You start from scratch, you’re learning everything,” Sebastian pointed out the large rough patch, not just for new filmmakers, but something all filmmakers go through. “I took three years of film school all crammed into one” Sebastian recalls some of his first hands-on film experiences, “I came to set and I didn’t know what i was doing. They start throwing out different terms at me and I had no idea, I was absolutely clueless.” He continues to say, “But, by doing it, I learned what works and what doesn’t… You’re always learning”  Everyone starts somewhere, it’s better knowing earlier than later that working in film can have it’s tough areas. However, they’re all challenges filmmakers typically burn through to make a story come to life.

Although, creators aren’t the only ones who hold the spotlight when it comes to films outside and in the CIFF, because it’s the viewers that let the films shine. The success of films through the CIFF is completely dependent on the viewers. Without the public (maybe you!) attending, there wouldn’t be much to the festival.

That said, the Calgary International Film Festival is coming to a close on October 2nd, so be sure to use the little time remaining to discover these extraordinary films!


[Official CIFF Website]

[Review For the CIFF Film, ‘Elle’]


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