Fast, Healthy Lunch Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

How To Enjoy What You Pack With Less Preparation

By: Maddy M

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It’s that time of year again, and both parents and students alike are dreading making school lunches. In order to get it over with, many people just throw together a sandwich day after day or don’t bother to make a lunch. Both of these solutions aren’t really solutions at all, so here are some fast, healthy and delicious lunch options  that you’ll look forward to eating.

Pizza is one of the most delicious, yet incredibly unhealthy food there is, but it doesn’t have to be like that. One of the most important things is portion size. If you get too little, then you are tempted to go find any source of food. If you stuff yourself, then it’s really not all that healthy. To solve this, use a pita as the crust of your pizza so that you get four perfectly portioned pieces. For the sauce, pesto would be good a good idea, but it contains pine nuts so tomato sauce would most likely be the best sauce option for school. Next is the spinach which shrinks when you cook it so don’t be shy when putting it on. In order to hold it all down, you need some sort of cheese! Instead of using pre-shredded cheese, you could always use a Mozzarella ball and cut up a few slices. Then just bake and you’re done!


Now if that seems like too much work for you, then there is always a simpler option. One of the easiest lunches to make is a tortilla wrap, and this one is both easy and tasty. Now a wrap can often be quite dry and bland, so spreading a layer of hummus on the tortilla can add a burst of flavor as well as bring moisture. Avocado and Lettuce are also good fillers, and they add a good crunch and smoothness to the wrap. Finally, just add deli meat of your choice, and wrap it all up. This can be done within five minutes, and it won’t be as boring as your usual lunch!


Now for those of you who don’t actually eat your lunch during lunch, here is the solution for you. Instead of just packing yourself one thing, make yourself a multitude of small healthy snacks. A good range of vegetables such as peppers and carrots as well as fruits like peaches and oranges are essential to give you energy throughout the day . A good snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth is a seed trail mix that is safe for school! Add some chocolate chips or m and m’s and you’re done!


Now even though leftovers from the night before can be an easy lunch, it’s always nice to switch things up. If you enjoy the healthy things you pack yourself, then you’re more likely to eat it and you can be energized for school and ready for the day!



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