Westmounts Undefeated Hockey Team


By Marielle H.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.42.18 AM.png

           The Westmount Hockey team is prepared to go another year undefeated. Students are ecstatic to continue this streak of success, bringing spirit in the Westmount community to a new high. Ever since Westmount was founded in 1996, other schools have yet to beat the purple and yellow ice hockey team.  Though this team gets little to no recognition, they are the most successful Westmount sports team.

Even though Hockey is bringing victory back home, many students are unaware of the team. “We have a hockey team?” asks Westmount student Debadrita. Sadly the team is not often the main topic of conversation as other sport teams including volleyball and basketball usually take the spotlight. Thankfully, students including Hannah support the Westmount Wild Hockey team. “They’re really good at hockey” she says when discussing how the team has had no losses for twenty years.

The hockey season has yet to start, but many students are  excited for Westmounts attempt to keep their run of victory. Grayson thinks, “[The hockey team] will go along way, it’s gonna go up.” There are many fans, yet the team does go through it’s fair share of struggle. Many of Westmounts own students have little faith in the team.  Maya notes sarcastically “Wow, Westmount actually has a team that’s undefeated.” Even though they have had no failure, comments like this add to the struggle of keeping spirits up. Brian confidently makes the remark, “We don’t have a hockey team.” Comments like this make people ignore that this is a triumph students should be celebrating.

Thankfully followers of the team are faithful and hopeful.  “Go Westmount. We’re obviously really good at skating“  Jenna says, along with, “The zamboni guy is really hot”. Currently there is no sign that the hockey team will be defeated any time soon. Let’s hope that Westmount will have another successful year. It takes little to no time to follow the team, so get out your purple and yellow jersey and cheer them on!


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