Trump’s Most Well-Known Policies are Not as Ludicrous as They Sound


As the 2016 election draws near, people are starting to get terribly concerned about the state of affairs in America. Of all of these concerns, the most notable of these is the republican candidate, Donald Trump. Many people view him as a racist, rude, and idiotic clown. Of all of his claims, what stands out the most are his claims on foreign and immigration policy. Building a wall and banning Muslims do seem like racist and horrible ideas. Of course, his values and claims seem ludicrous at first glance, but in truth, Trump is America’s best choice. This will shine light on the truth of what Donald Trump actually wants to do for America.

Trump’s immigration and “wall” policies are the most known of them all, and is in truth, misunderstood. Trump is not a racist, and his policies will prove this. Trump does want to build a wall, but it is actually feasible. First, ILEGAL immigrants do drain the American economy by several billion every year. It has been shown that immigration restrictions will not stop illegals. A mass deportation on ILEGAL immigrants is just a normal legal protocol. It has been made clear that Trump does not have anything against legal immigrants, and accepts them as valuable assets to America. By making new financial policies, it will force the Mexican government will contribute 5-10 billion dollars but, in return will receive 24 billion per year from their workers. America also has many ways of pressuring Mexico, like restricting immigration, cutting of Mexico’s poverty release valve. Then, there is Trump’s other most famous policy, banning Muslims and refugees.

This policy is by far even more controversial, but is also necessary as well. First of all, 15-25% of Muslims support radicalism, that’s between 150 to 250 million. There are many groups of good Muslims just living happily and contributing to society, mainly in western countries and richer Middle east countries. Take for example, in Canada, the Muslim population has done many good things for the country. The refugee body, however (consisting mostly of Muslims) happens to have a larger concentration of radicals and soldier aged men, straight from ISIS occupied territory. It is too dangerous to accept this mixed bag of people, with a higher percentage of radicals. It has been shown that in Europe, the open door policies, accepting 5 million refugees have driven several once prosperous countries into festering hellholes all because of refugees. Crime rates increased 10 fold in Sweden alone. Trump wanting to ban Syrian refugees is a smart move, protecting America from terror. What’s more, only temporarily until ISIS is crushed and the middle east conflict is solved. Something the Obama administration has carrying out strangely inefficiently. We all know that Russia doing more damage to ISIS in one week of bombing than America did to it in a year, shows that the current government is not efficiently SOLVING the crisis. (of course, Hillary and Obama are probably funding ISIS to destabilize the middle east to combat Russia, but I have no solid ground to prove it). Trump wants to work with Russia to crush ISIS, and in a much faster manner.

In terms of foreign relations, America is currently in a bad position. It has become much less powerful, and less respected as well. America has withdrawn troops from many places with disastrous results. If America had just left some troops in Iraq, ISIS would have never been formed. America now bows to the whims of Saudi Arabia and China as well; most of its goods and oil coming from these two. America is also defending countries that had never done anything in return for free and is losing a fortune as well. When Obama showed up in China for the G-20, they refused to give him a proper welcome, speculated by many due to the fact that they loathe Obama, and see him as a weak leader. Trump wants to strengthen the American reputation and control more of the world. Even though this may seem like a bad idea, weakening relations, it would put America in a better position in the world, making it “great again”. The ties with Saudi Arabia and China run too deep to ever be totally broken, so no true hostilities will break out. Vladimir Putin and Trump Both agree that America and Russia can become allies, this unity has been avoided by the democrats at all costs.

Trump’s foreign policies and his immigration policies do seem very ludicrous, but they are very practical and necessary for America. The democrats say that he fear-mongers, in truth, he is dealing with a prominent threat. They are fear-mongering about fear-mongering.

Make America great again.


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