The Best of the Worst for President

By: Hannah E.


During this intense American Political Race, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the two main focuses, but there are others; Gary Johnston and Jill Stein are also running. With this race coming to an end in November, the polls are switching around in favour of the two main candidates, Trump and Clinton – who knows who will win?

As Trump continues in the race with his VP nominee Mike Pence, the polls seem to be turning tables constantly. Their presidential bid was launched on June 16 2015, with their famous slogan, “Make America Great Again”. This slogan is not in the hands of the right people; when it comes out of Trump’s mouth, it sounds like “Destroy America”. He has close to no political background except for his fathers political career, which shows he is not fit a country that influences the world so greatly. Trump states about the recent attacks, “These attacks were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system, which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals or families coming into our country.” It has been proven that the suspects were radicalized while living in the US, they came as children, how do you screen small children for radicalization that happened decades later. This proves Trump wrong, showing how incapable he is of running a country.

Clinton and her VP nominee Tim Kaine in my eyes are more appealing as a presidential campaign as they are not as racist, and have much more of a political background. They launched her second presidential bid on April 12 2015; her first was on January 20 2007. Clinton has done some things like the email scandal that seem quite questionable, but realistically with her background she is a more qualified candidate, especially over Trump. Clinton states, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favour of those at the top,” which sounds like she is saying that wealthy will always have the power. Clinton is becoming even bolder as she speaks about economic issues, but is that something that is wanted?

I am not very familiar with the third party nominees, but from what I have read about Gary Johnson he seems quite cocky to say the least. As you can tell his campaign is not doing to well at 9% in the polls. He does not seem like he is doing well. The other nominee is Jill Stein. “My campaign is the only one that’s not corrupted by lobbyists’ money, corporate money or super PACs, so I have the unique ability to stand for what the people need, not the banks,” if I were to research into her campaign I could speak on that, but she is not one of the headlining candidates. This is ashamed because who knows what the others would be like, they could be better but they could be worse.

In conclusion, although this presidential race was a disappointment, all american citizens are forced to vote for the best of the worst.


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