Now You See Me 2 – Brilliance or Blowout?


Ohm S.

Released on June 9th 2016, Now You See Me 2 hit theaters all across the world, garnering both respect and criticism from the world of movie critics. It has grossed over 330 million dollars, for a comparably humble budget of 90 million dollars. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan Freeman amongst others,The sequel was one of the most anticipated movies this year. Does all the revenue and hype actually represent the quality of the movie?

A main element in any movie is how it looks and the camerawork put into it, and in Now You See me 2, they made the viewing and cinematography of this film as good as it could possibly be. Firstly, there aren’t too many jump cuts like many other action movies that are made in these days. They utilize their budget in this area extremely well, making sure that all the transitions are done very well and each shot is framed perfectly. When we see the main characters doing magic and performing tricks, the camera follows them and seems to be perfectly in sync with their movement, something that is getting all too rare in recent times. Also, the CGI in the movie is well done and looks very realistic. The scenes where they steal computer chips or pull off impossible hoaxes look almost lifelike. The graphics are very well done and deserve lots of praise. Lastly, the locations and the sets they shoot on are amazingly well put together, with them shooting in places ranging from an oil rig in the middle of a river to casinos in China. The budget is put to good use, with little to no green screen effects used in the whole film. To conclude, the cinematography is well done and brilliantly put together to form a natural and amazing looking film.


Although the videography of the film may be amazing, the plot does not seem to follow that exact trend. The plot of the movie built off that of its precursor with several new characters. It all revolved around the revenge of Thaddeus Bradley and Arthur Tressler against the Four horsemen. Though it was fun to watch, the plot was full of questionable motives, several holes and many unreliable variables. First, the main villains reveal many motives near the end of the film that really make us question their actions earlier in the movie. For example, One of the villains who nearly tried to kill a main character will side with him in the end, making us question why he sided with a character he had been against for 2 years to just unite with him. Next, they manage to end up on a rooftop somewhere in China all of a sudden, just by taking the wrong escape tunnel. This is the key turning point in the movie, and it all relied on them taking a identical tunnel to theirs, which means if they had managed to take the correct, adjacent one, almost the whole movie would not have happened. Lastly, several events that were undisclosed to the viewer seemed to happen with the snap of a finger, leaving many of us confused and scratching our heads. One could argue that all of these unexplained plot holes will be explained in the 3rd movie of what will most likely be a trilogy. However, I personally think that the third movie will leave us with more questions than we originally had. Basically, the plot is a diluted, misleading and misinforming script.


So should you watch the movie? Personally, I believe it is a good movie for a family movie night or anything of the sort. The first movie requires a fair bit of background knowledge from the first movie so I would recommend watching the first one prior to this one. NYSM 2 is a good movie if you don’t go in expecting too much. It is a fun, entertaining and overall enjoyable experience but is not the type of movie to be analysed for key plot points and important events. It is more of a entertaining then well written movie. If you don’t have any interest in my opinion, 37 percent of critics enjoyed the movie and believed it was well made while the rest believed it was not up to standards. 60 percent of audience members thought the movie was enjoyable to watch and well made. Personally, I would give this a 6.5 out of 10 for the great videography and production but lack of a coherent plot and well written script. So next time you are looking to watch a light movie on friday night, consider this one.


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