Is Originality Dying In Hollywood?

By Winston C.

If we take a look at the list of movies that will be released this year, I guarantee you that there will be more sequels, prequels, reboots, or remakes compared to original screenplays. It is because Hollywood maybe heading on a worrying trend of a lack of originality. In fact, it is happening to a lot of different entertainment industries as well. When I say that there’s a lack of originality any more it doesn’t mean the creators/people are not being creative or smart but that there is honestly nothing new to create, discover or discuss. Everything has been done or suggested in one way or another at this point. Now some people may argue that a film can be original if they have a bit of variation such as characters, setting, theme, etc. The problem is that it’s still unoriginal if it only varies on such small factors.

The reason I believe Hollywood movies are lacking originality is that everything has been done to death. Action movies are a prime example – where the main character has to rescue someone (either a loved one or a friend) and they’ll fight through a wave of mindless enemies. We’ve all seen this formula so many times. The only reason people still go out and watch these types of movies is because of small variables talked about in the paragraph above. We, the consumers think it’s original if small things like characters or the settings are different. If the major plot is similar to others than it shouldn’t be considered original content. The definition of original is: belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something, or to a thing at its beginning ( The proves that movies that have the same plot structure from an older film is not original.

In conclusion, this is very worrying as we don’t know if originality will ever be “revived.” It is quite obvious that Hollywood and other forms of media are just using old templates, already used ideas, rehashing them with small bits and pieces of different variations. Eventually, our lazy ways of filling a template with different variations concluding it as “new” forms of media will be harder and harder and thus originality will be dead. Will there ever be a breakthrough in the future where new original ideas will form or will these last few years be the end of it? No one knows (since none of us can read the future) but right now it is evident of the demise of original content in the entertainment industry.


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