iPhone 7 – Pass The Aux Cord



Ohm S.

CALGARY: Every year, in the first week of September, Apple releases their new flagship smartphones for the world to marvel at. With over 1 billion iPhones in service, iPhones have only    [been getting better for nearly 8 years now. Does the iPhone 7 continue the trend? where we saw the releases of the new iPhones that *surprise* had no headphone jacks. Released alongside the new operating system of ios 10, they debuted two different models of iPhones. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

So, what’s new? More than expected actually. The release of ios 10 was unexpected as normally Apple announces the operating system in summer at their Worldwide Developer Conference. Aside from the iPhones, we saw a refresh to the earpods, fan favourites that had not seen any revisions or updates for over 4 years. One not so important but noticeable change is that there are two new colours to the set of colours that already exist. Both of them are blacks, with the jet black and matte black new colours. Physically, a noticeable aspect is that the iPhone 7 and 7 plus look different and have different features. Aside from size, the iPhone’s differ in that the 7 plus has a dual lens camera which you can read more about below.


You can add all the new features you want to a device but does functionality equal improvement? The devices have several physical and digital improvements to stake the claim of the “best iPhones so far” The new phones have performance that is over two and a half times better in terms of speed and blaze through everyday performance like nobody’s business. Also, if you’ve ever broken the home button on your brand new iPhone, no more reason to fret as it can’t get stuck anymore. It’s actually not even a button. The new home “button” for lack of a better word is now capacitive, meaning that it no longer actually presses in, which prevents defects and makes the phone thinner as well. For the clumsier people who regularly see themselves dropping phones in the toilet, Apple has also implemented water resistance for 1 meter into all of their new devices. Another new, first of a kind feature are the dual lenses on the back of the seven plus. These lenses allow you to zoom in 4 times as much while keeping an astounding resolution on the picture. The two lenses combine to make a zoom similar to that of a high end camera, using physical zoom rather than the digital zoom we have seen on previous iPhones.The camera has only seen praise so far, with Apple boasting about the low light performance of their new hardware. All in all, there are several reasons that the new phones are better than their outdated predecessors.


The new phones may be better than the old ones, but there is one glaring abnormality that plagues the two devices. No headphone jack. Apple may be the first in a line of manufacturers to remove the essential port from their device. “We have immense courage” Tim Cook stated on stage when announcing the removal. Apple justifies their decision by conveying that the headphone jack took up too much space in a chassis that could hold so much more. The removal of the headphone jack may alienate many users from utilizing the audio devices they so dearly love, but Apple has 3 solutions under their belt. Firstly, Apple will ship all their new iPhones with lightning earpods, that will connect to the same port you use to charge your phone. These will replace the earpods that already shipped with the iPhone. Next, every iPhone will also come with a dongle that will convert the lightning port into a headphone jack. This is implemented for people who own high end headphones that want to continue using them with their new phones. Lastly, Apple released the new airpods, wireless earbuds that also have built in microphones. This is the area where Apple received the most criticism as the new audio devices cost 160 US dollars which equates to over 200 Canadian dollars. These are the only option for people who want to use Apple branded earbuds and charge their phone at the same time. To conclude, there are several ways Apple is coping with the removal.


After all, is it worth it? This question ends up with an answer that is quite vague. It all depends on what you prefer. It depends on whether you are willing to make the tradeoff of the removal of the headphone jack for better performance and longer battery life. It depends on what phone you currently have and whether you want to wait for the next one or stick with the one you already have. It all relies on what you prefer. In terms of what other people think of the phone, they seem to be loving it with the jet black iPhone 7 being sold out before it even hits the shelves. It has garnered support from critics and reviewers all across the world as the “Best iPhone so far.” So it really depends whether you are willing to make the tradeoffs for the new features.


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