How to Deal with Procrastination

By: Sidd P


We all have had that moment in our lives where we’ve left work until the last minute.
It’s a very common thing known as procrastinat
ion which is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something. If you’re someone who struggles with procrastination, then this article is for you. But before you start, ask yourself these questions when you’re about to do any work:    

  1. Is this urgent?


  1. Is this important?


  1. By when does this activity need to be completed?


  1. How important is this activity?


Work can come to you in different forms and at different times of the day. It could come to you from different sources. It could come to you from your teachers, your parents, your siblings and your friends. Every person has twenty four hours of which about eight hours are spent at school and 8 hours in bed. That leaves us with less than eight hours to do all of our activities.

  1. Write down the activities you need to accomplish. It is very important that we    write down the tasks that need to be accomplished. It is proven that once you write down the activities you need to accomplish, your brain automatically maps a time and a priority to that activity. So it is very important that you write down the activities that you need to finish. It is also recommended that you write down the approximate time you would take to complete that activity. According to Brian Tracy in his book Time Management; Brian says “Eat the biggest frog first”. That is the most important task that is going to take the most amount of time, the task that is urgent and important. Once this is accomplished, the rest of the activities look small and simple.

      2. Any activity that is not so important and urgent could be postponed to another             time. These activities are least productive and do not give any sense of                                        accomplishment. To cite a few, surfing the internet aimlessly, watching television                  programs which have no educational, political or social values, chatting with friends,            etc.


      3. Do everything in school that needs to be done at school and don’t leave anything           unfinished. Be attentive in the class. Do you use your lunch break to talk to friends?             Play outside? Maybe even check your instagram or update your status on facebook?                Well, your best bet is to use that time cautiously. By being paying attention in class,               homework becomes easy to do at home.


       4. Cut out ALL of your distractions and turn off notifications. There is nothing more         tempting than a tweet from your favourite celebrity or another follower on instagram.         If you want to do your work on time and in time, it’s best for you to limit the amount of       distractions that you have. That way you can perform your best. Limit the time you                 spend on your smartphone/electronic device to not more than an hour a day.


      5. Just do it! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet! You have to try going through         your work no matter how painful it is and set a deadline. Work a lot and if you’re tired,         maybe rest. Sometimes the best way to doing something is just to go no matter how               much it hurts. Once accomplished, you’ll relieved a feel relieved and happy for yourself.


After having accomplished the task, be sure to strike out the item from your “to do list” and move on to the next item that needs to be done.


Time management is essential habit for everyone. Whether it’s a student or Prime Minister of the country or the top CEO of any organization, everyone has 24 hours to spare every day. How we use it, depends on us.


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