Grease Review


This play has ended but I would definitely grab tickets to another show by StoryBook theater. I found that it was very captivating and the actors did a marvelous job with their lines and felt they were the characters. They actors did a lot of character building and the writers did a great job with characters development through out the play. I found how they pieced the play together was extremely well done. I’m not going to compare to any other Grease show because this was my first time watching Grease and it was electrifying.

Grease is about a high school in the 1950s . Sandy, the lead character was an innocent girl who over the summer fell in love with this guy and moved schools and turns out he’s in this school and he’s popular guy. Danny is a T-Bird who tries to fit in with his friends and ignoring his love for sandy. At the end of the play sandy changes for him so they will be together she doesn’t wear her granny clothes and was in a tight dress then they end with a song call “You’re the one that I want” and in this song, they get together.

The were two different casts do this play and the one I saw was great… but with every show there are hiccups and I can say the actors behind the stage were a bit loud and at one time an off-stage mic when on and for a minute there was a talking in the background. Love the use of a staircase because it gave different levels and it moves easily and the actor played around the piece very well. They also used frames with a material on them so they could put pictures on the frames. The use of light was fantastic especially for the when they did the Grease lightning scene. The costumes were all really set in the right time and they all work together. One thing that was weird is the sandy change at the end because while she was running out and it looked like her wig fell off and she was putting it back one so, i would of like better flow through that part. Even with a few small mistakes, it was still an exceptional performance.

Overall i think that StoryBook was an exquisite performance. There was singing in some parts and I can’t say anything bad they hit all the notes but the actor did do a lot of musical risks with very low note as well high pitches. The actors pull off the humor element extremely well and at times they could pull off the other emotions, the actors really made you feel like you were in the high school. Everyone seemed to be on the edge of their seats for this fantastic performance.


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