AMD Plans to Release New 7nm CPU in 2 Years

Global Foundries has released details about its new 7nm FinFET Process, and AMD has already announced a new APU using the process

By Ryland M

Although AMD has had widespread success with its new GPUs recently, it has been struggling for years to produce a CPU able to compete with Intel’s offerings. AMD has been forced to put its effort into developing APUs for the low-mid end market, while Intel dominates the mid-high end range. AMD’s last hope to get back into the higher end CPU market will be in the form of it’s “Zen” and “Zen+” architectures, using 7nm processes, but AMD has been plagued with issues in the past when moving to a new process.

If these CPUs are not successful, AMDs already disappointed shareholders might be forced to leave the company. AMDs recent architecture release “Excavator” was a disappointment just like the older “Bulldozer” architecture that was supposed to revive the “FX” line of CPUs, so it seems AMDs last hope for the CPU market is to find success competing with Intel for the best 7nm CPU in the future. AMD has said it’s 7nm offerings should be released in 2019.



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