Westmount: Clothing Optional?

Photo on 2016-09-26 at 12.43 PM.jpg

Lewis M

School has barely been in a month and already kids are starting to get bored of the same old routine of school, especially how one is not able to fully express themselves. That is why Westmount Charter School should become clothing optional and if we change the strict rules set by society we will truly become a school to go to.

There are many reasons for WCS to become clothing optional. In the fall and summer it can get very hot, and without clothes the school would not have to spend as much on air conditioning. Also, as Mindy Gill, president of the WCS for Freedom Club, “When Canada is taken over by the aliens we will all run around naked so we might as well get used to it now.” Mindy Gill also says that wearing clothes is unnatural, going so far as saying, “If we were meant to wear clothes we would be born wearing them.” Being clothing optional will also help WCS in sports, as without clothes the athletics would become more aerodynamic and more formidable to foes.

But not every student is so hot with the idea of a clothing optional WCS. “First of all,” says Katy McDougal, “Without clothing the heating bills will be high in the winter, not to mention the fact that many students will have to change to be able to go off campus, shorting their already tiny lunch hour.” But Gill points out that: “Clothing optional means that you can still wear something if you want, so in winter the heating bills should not be that high. Also if we can make the school clothing optional, we can also make the lunch hours longer too.”

But to make WCS clothing optional the school board will have to set up some rather unfair rules that Gill says, “Stops Creativity.” The school would have to have a sixty-foot wall built around it, with anti-aircraft guns to keep any planes from flying overhead. School would also have to start 30 minutes later, to allow those students feeling more natural to change before class. Gill says that these rules are wrong, saying that these unnecessary costly rules will cost support from students. “Wearing no clothes should not cost more money, it should cost less,” says Gill.

The benefits seem clear to why WCS should become clothing optional but sadly Gill thinks it will never happen. “It is too bad that society would look down upon it,” Gill said just as the principal came to question her sanity.


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