Red Rising


Trevor N.

A red tidal wave swept Canada on October 19th with the election of Justin Trudeau and his liberal party followed by the resignation of former prime minister Stephen Harper, Canadians everywhere where foolishly rejoicing the new change, but what is this change and how will Canadians be affected in the coming years.

2015 elections have come and gone, the outcome has shaped the future of canada with a landslide victory for the liberal party. Justin Trudeau assumed office and officially ended the P.C. dynasty, ushering in a new era of change for Canadians citizens everywhere, in contrast to the rabid atmosphere of cheers and celebration how many changes are really in the best interests of our Canadian citizens?.The liberal party is thought to be the voice of the people and a pro-libertarian system, in many ways this is true liberals definition is “free”, however this title cannot be justly worn as a badge for this party, there true platform is not liberal but socialism, an ideology branched form the totalitarian, dictatorial nations the communist manifesto created. Justin announced he would be pushing for a change in the parliament with 50% male and female candidates which in a practical sense is basing the qualification off of their gender, is that not sexism moreover he has announced that he will be spending a plus of 20 billion dollars in overseas alone, where is this money going and how do we as Canadians know if it will be used as our government indeed it for, how can we as citizens hold Trudeau and the liberal government accountable of spending our money, many have already confirmed a defect and with it higher taxes for all classes,with an increase in government regulations.
Trudeau’s new government has also promised upwards of 25,000 Syrian refugees will be entering the country and gaining asylum in the next year, how will this affect Canadians, welfare and medical equipment the two essentials for many refugees is not free, and neither is Trudeau’s frivolous spending, moreover how will the refugees help our country. with the recession of the economy and the hike in taxes future generations will be trapped with paying off Trudeau’s debt,ultimately leading to a lower standard of living for all. the liberal party would love to pride itself on helping the middle class and not the elite “1%” , but what is the middle class, well to support a large house and a small family with two working class parents would mean that the bread winners would need to make close to 100,050$ a year, 40% of which is deducted by taxation, now many families will not be able to keep up and with the recent mass loss of jobs due to the oil prices dropping and the hatred of privatization, many will be left behind leaving one clear winner, the 1% including Trudeau. how can we fund civil workers if there is no successful private industry to tax, how can we help refugees with a massive deficit?.

The socialist ideology is a branch of the communist manifesto, it is not for a democracy, it is not for a free western modern society, and has not once proven to be effective when implemented in the manner it is. with so many people in this world it’s important to understand my thoughts of an ideal society is mainly capitalistic with a flat tax rate and more private industry with less government control and less but heavily funded social services. Trudeau’s government, much lie his father’s will destroy Canadian society and end our age of an industrialized modern libertarian capitalist society.