Cold Weather or Dry Weather?

By Nishant

Ooh, it is that time of the year: winter! YAY or NAY? I love summer and winter both, there are so many activities you can do in both seasons. Last year we had a very dry weather in Calgary, a nice surprise on Christmas Eve, sure I love both seasons, but with only summer it isn’t as fun as with both seasons. How about you would you like dry and warm weather or cold weather?

I love winter because of skiing, snowboarding, luge, bob sledding, tobogganing and watching Winter Olympics. Without a nice snowfall I can’t do any of them except for watching the Olympics, I love these extreme sport and dry weather would take that away from many of us who love the same types of sports. All I care about the snowfall, not the temperature outside.

Farmer’s Almanac, a 199 year tradition is predicting snowy Alberta winter, but meteorologists are predicting a dry and warm weather. Personally I hope that the Almanac is right I neegraph-ca-4d some winter weather about now, I just can’t wait to hit the slopes all over North America. On the right they predict the weather until next October and the are saying that November, December, and January are all going colder than normal, but February is going to be hotter than the normal temperature. The Farmer Almanac is based on planet position, weather patterns, sun position and many other things we believe as being superstitions such as length of dog hair, but these guys are real and they are very good at it. They have used one formula and it always works on any type of weather.

image1Although I don’t care about the environment, here is another reason why we should hope for Farmer’s Almanac, our weather will be affected by this El Niño weather, we might get snowstorms in July, while getting dry, arid weather in the winter, this will affect us greatly, sure there will be two seasons, but they could be completely opposite. It would be very weird for many of us who haven’t lived in Calgary for a long time. Another bad thing about El Niño is that wildfires affect many forests we have in this diversified nation of Alberta. There is a very high chance of a wildfire in Kananaskis and Banff because of this dry weather second year in a row. Who to trust, I don’t know, but I can only hope that the Farmer’s Almanac is right not the other meteorologists.


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