5 Great Ways to Entertain Your Friends

By Andy W.

The mid-term exams are coming soon which is why everyone is now planning things before countless weeks of studying. Friends are trying to hang out as much as possible before the terrors of finals. As we all know, sometimes things can get boring even with the people you enjoy having around the most so, i’m here to explain to you 5 extremely fun games in which everyone can participate in so that you have a great time. It’s better than having everyone sitting on their phones texting people that aren’t even there. These games will make sure that everyone is focused on the game and is totally engaged in the activity.

Laughing game

This game can be played with as many people as you want, as long as there’s more than two people participating. The way you play this game is actually incredibly simple, you don’t need any props or preparations. The objective of the game is to keep a straight face with almost no emotion and keep it for longest time. If there are more than two people try to sit in a circle. Afterwards you go around the circle one by one doing any action to attempt to make the other people in the circle laugh while keeping your straight face. If you or anyone else laughs they are out and need to wait to the next round to play again. They can still however participate for fun if they want. You continue going around the circle until there’s only one person who still has their emotionless face on, that person would then be the winner of the round but as a bonus everyone can do a final act to attempt to make the last person crack. The only rules to this game is that there is no physical contact allowed such as ticking.

Who’s most likely ?

This game is best played with friends that you know pretty well, it can be played with anyone but the better you the other people makes the entire game easier and more enjoyable. This game also requires no preparation or props either. This time is doesn’t really matter where everyone is sitting. There is really no winner in this game, it does however allow you to get to know people a little bit better. The way you play is everyone is just trying to think of random questions and if someone thinks of one they speak up and ask “ who’s most likely to exp: get married first? After the question is asked everyone will point at who they think is the most likely to do that.

Human pretzel

I’m sure most of you have already played this game before but it is one of the best games to involve everyone in and make sure no one is left out. For this game the more people the more challenging the game gets which makes it more fun. First everyone must stand in a circle, after that you all reach in and randomly grab anyone’s hand, make sure you don’t have both hands with the same person though. After everyone has a hand the objective of this game is to untangle everyone and attempt to make another circle without letting go of the hands you’re holding, it may seem hard and confused but there is always an answer. They key to this game is teamwork and making sure everyone is communicating. Eventually after a bunch of untangling you should finally and up in a circle again. If it ends with everyone still in the circle holding the same two hands they grabbed in the beginning.

Two truths One lie

This game also allows you to get to know the people playing better, in this game the better you know the other people the easier the game will be for you. The way you play is everyone will think of two things that are true about them and make up a random lie about themselves . You then go around telling the group the things that you have chosen about you and the objective of the other people is to guess the one lie. You continue going around the group until you have had enough fun or have just ran out of ideas.


This is by far one of the simplest games of maybe all eternity and is actually kinda self explanatory. First start by splitting however many people you have into equal teams if possible, when done that the point of the game is to kill one of your teammates and attempt to mummify them… Only kidding. Make sure each team has a role or if needed more of toilet paper, the teams will then decide a random group member to be the mummy. When the timer starts the objective of the game is to wrap toilet paper completely around the chosen person. The winner is determined by which team has completely 100% wrapped the person in toilet paper.



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