Hold Onto Your Popcorn Its Peanuts Time!

By: Lucas I.

Fans big and small have been waiting for the release of the Schultz animated film, The Peanuts Movie. The released film is the first 3D animated film for the Peanuts franchise; with a stunning design that has helped propel it to the top charts. Within less than a month, the film has grossed over a whopping 103 million dollars, which easily propelled it to one of the top charts.

The film follows the character Charlie Brown: an average boy living in a normal neighbourhood. He loves sports, girls and having fun! Not intending to, he usually gets in a lot of trouble and gets a lot of stick. He just feels like the world is against him and he doesn’t know what to do. But all that changes when the new girl comes around. She is instantly a hit, and Charlie knows he has to do something to impress her.

The movie is presented beautifully, with seamless transitions and beautiful side plots. Alongside the main plot, the viewer also follows the story of Snoopy and his attempts to find his one true love. The soundtrack pairs perfectly with the film, and little nuances help add the cartoon effect to this animated flick.

Throughout the film, many inspirational messages are conveyed indirectly and hidden symbolically. Although the film is intended for a younger audience, many more mature movie lovers can also appreciate the film for its raw and high attention to detail. Families and couples alike are sure to be pleased.

The Peanuts movie is will be sure to deliver, and with such a whimsical journey it is definitely worth the price.peanuts-movie-cast


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