76ers Rough start

By Lucas I.

As the NBA season begins to heat up, fans from all around the world are witnessing history being made every game. Fans are turning their attention to the Golden State Warriors impressive start, some true sports fans are examining the Philadelphia 76ers’ horrific start. A once prominent team, is now going through one of its worst starts in franchise history. Many long time sports analysts are perplexed as to why a team filled with as much depth as Philadelphia is going through such a long drought.

Roughly five months ago, a representative of the Philadelphia 76ers steps up to the podium in the Barclays center, and begins speaking to the microphone: “The 76ers select Jahlil Okafor from Duke.” For many Phillies’ fans, this was a long awaited moment: through all the turmoil they went through as a fan base, this was finally the light at the end of their tunnel. Many believed this was when the 76ers were going to rise up again, but as the standing in the NBA show–the pundits were clearly wrong.
So what really is the cause of the downfall of the 76ers, and can they return to greatness? Just recently the 76ers have signed free agent Robert Covington, a player that has showed little potential and is nearing the end of his career. It seems like the team is desperate to sign players for the name of signing, and this has made fans extremely frustrated with the future of the organization. (insert your opinion here regarding old/ new talent?) Tom Ley, an avid Phillie blogger, states his uncertainty with the club: [“signing an undrafted player is] the latest testament to just how little of a shit the Sixers give about even pretending to field a competent basketball team.” Many believe that the organization has given up and has completely quit on the idea of actually being a competitive team that is able to perform at the professional level. Until then, many fans will be praying for a win.920x1240


*correct for press date


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