7 Ways To Avoid Hibernation In The Cold Canadian Winter

By: Griffin Naugler

The Canadian winter is an eventful time when many people do surprisingly little to keep themselves fit. The omnipresent struggle of self motivation to leave your warm, safe, and most definitely comfortable environment to get fresh air and exercise is a difficult yet necessary task. You may often find yourself laying back and letting time slip through your fingers whilst you mindlessly idle in wait of something to entertain you. When this time of darkness arrives, and it will, it would be in your best interest to utilize these tactics to the best of your ability.

#1, Take up a new hobby. A hobby is a brilliant way to occupy your previously ideal mind. Depending on your hobby, your work life can be greatly impacted; for both the better and the worse. Let’s say you take up studying. Although getting started with studying for the very first time may be difficult, especially for those of you in grade 12, according to teachers and other learning “professionals” it is useful. In contrast to that, hypothetically if you were to take up a hobby such as either drug or alcohol abuse, this new hobby may not prove as “helpful” or “healthy” as studying. Well I guess we will never know!

#2, Learn a new skill. Learning a new life skill can be very useful in, well, life! For every life skill that you learn, you will be more knowledgeable. At our age we should be focused on not focusing on a specific subject, rather we should be attempting to expand our pool of ability. When expanding like light through a concave lens you will fail. Horribly. Because concave lens tend to focus light… Good Luck!

#3, Make new friends then pretend to enjoy the same stuff they do. If society has taught us anything, it is that to “fit in” you must make sacrifices to your personality. Of course people say that if you just be yourself, people will like you. But let’s be honest, I would be surprised if you have not made a sacrifice of any kind in the last 3 days in an attempt to either fit in or please someone else with no benefit to yourself.

#4, Engage in painstaking family bonding activities. One of the world’s best ways to consume time is to spend it with your family. Sure this is a great way to spend an afternoon or two but spending 90 of them? If you think that your family has difficulty just eating dinner together for a mere hour without fighting, try playing a competitive board game with them for hours on end. What a “Jolly” way to spend the holiday season!

#5, Explore your city/nature. Calgary is a beautiful concrete jungle filled with “equal opportunities” around every corner. It was rated the world’s cleanness city by an unknown and most likely unreliable source. With this new information, how could you even try to not explore this modestly monstrous monstrosity of a metropolis.

#6, Get outside and be active. If there is one great way to avoid staying inside it is to go outside. It is scientifically proven that if you are exercising, you are being active. Have you ever heard of an active hibernation? No? Good, because it doesn’t exist. I can guarantee you that whilst you are active, you will not be hibernating.

#7, Sleep. As we all know school can be a tiring chore; and regardless if you pay attention or not, especially in word within the word, it can really drain your energy. An ideal way to avoid hibernation and be productive is to spend your winter sleeping. Although it is not scientifically possible to “catch up” on sleep, there is no harm in trying.


As you can see there are many viable alternatives to hibernation; for those of you who are too lazy to read the 636 word above, this is for you. These alternatives include: Taking up a useful hobby like studying for the very first time, expanding your knowledge pool like light through a concave lens, exploring our modestly monstrous monstrosity of a metropolis, and even the readers favorite pick sleeping. Good luck with your anti-hibernation!


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