The Weeknd’s Madness

Written By, Tahir P.

Canadian alternative R&B singer The Weeknd, performed a soulful show on his Madness Tour at the Scotiabank Saddledome, last Sunday November 29th.


Although Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, has been dominating the R&B world since 2010, he has merged into the pop and mainstream music world after releasing hit songs “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” earlier this year. The Madness tour is the tour supported by his second studio album “Beauty Behind the Madness” that was released in late August this year.

The Weeknd is an excellent entertainer. He uses the energy of the crowd to really build momentum and power in his vocals. Weeknd fans do not only appreciate his singing but also the production and beautiful instrumentation in his music which was performed by The Weeknd’s live band. As for the production and visuals, there were bright colored lights and a caged setup that The Weeknd stood in for a portion of the show. Songs such as Angel were shown with black and white lights with patterns and designs. As well as the lights, during one of his final performances of his hit “The Hills” flames illuminated the stage, you could feel the warmth of the burning fire, it looked beautiful. And again, his voice, oh his amazing voice. Songs such as “High For This” and “Prisoner” showed he can hold a high melodic notes.


Before the “Micheal Jackson of alternative R&B” took the stage, the night started off with two opening acts, Houston rapper Travis Scott and New Jersey singer songwriter Halsey. Travis Scott who has recently released his debut album “Rodeo”, encouraged everyone to stand up and dance to his fairly generic rap set. Scott uses an auto tune effect on top of his recorded music and although it fits there, live it sounds very choppy. Scott’s quick 25 minute set was followed by alternative electro-pop singer and songwriter Halsey’s performance. Halsey who also recently released her debut studio album “Badlands” is adding to the new uprising pop genre electro-pop. She is a beautiful singer who adds a layer of confidence and anger to  her complex music. Unlike most pop singers, she is beautiful live because of her emotion and tone.

The Weeknd’s “Madness Tour” was spectacular. Unlike other artists who also sing about drugs, sex and parties, The Weeknd doesn’t glorify it and uses lyrics that people can relate to. You never got bored during ant performances whether you knew the song or not, the energy of the audience and Halsey and The Weeknd’s spectacular voices made you just want to watch.


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