Hand-free Cars can Lead to a New Era of Driving – or Not Driving

By: Sehej N.

Have you ever wanted to sit back and relax, but you needed to get somewhere fast? An easy solution has been created. The new “Autopilot” software update for any Tesla model built after 2014 is a new innovation that ensures travelling somewhere has never been better! If you have a spare $103,000 and you just don’t want to consume your time in the car by driving, then go buy yourself a Tesla. With Autopilot installed, you are guaranteed to have a stress-free drive. Tesla can change the world with this new software. (Or how I like to say it, AutoDriver!)

images (1)

How Does It Work?

Though it seems like such a high-tech software, the “AutoDriver” has a very simple way of functioning. The software uses a variety of cameras, sensors and also some ultrasonic sensors. Ultrasonic sensors are devices used to detect liquid and solid materials. All of these devices allow the car to see the lanes ahead and the separations between itself and the car ahead or around.  

Even though the car drives by itself, the Tesla still needs data entered before being put into “AutoDriver”. For example, before the software turns on, the driver has to enter the approximate amount of car lengths between the Tesla and the car ahead of it. furthermore, when you want to change lanes you still have to turn the blinker on and then the car will do the rest. So with a few minor improvements the Tesla could potentially be fully hands free.

With this new software that has been released, Tesla has shocked the world. A self driving car is amazing, and the one thing we know is that it can only get better from here. We should all be excited for what comes next. Maybe it’s a plane that can take off by itself, or a hoverboard, or possibly even a hovercar! This “AutoDriver” is the start of the future!


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