Canadian Artists taking surprise on Billboard Charts!

By: Raziq K.

Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Music Charts have been exploding with Canadian artist’s hot songs reaching the top 7! A total of 4 Canadian artists have broken a record getting the 6 spots out of the top 7!

Justin Bieber, Drake, Shawn Mendes, and The Weeknd have had 6 spots in the top 7 for weeks now, competing with each other, and of course Adele. She has held the #1 spot with her powerful song “Hello” for weeks on end, not slipping the popular spot. Adele shows the world that she still has it through her powerful voice she has shown us in her previous albums.

Justin Bieber has received criticism from many people including some of his biggest fans for many things Justin has done wrong. He has spent the last year and a half making guest appearances trying to reestablish his reputation by appearing on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, SNL, and even The Daily Show. It seems to have worked, as his fan base is much larger than when he was younger. Justin and his newest album, Purpose, has 3 songs in the top 6, and all 17 songs in his album were on the Top 100 Billboard Charts at once, breaking the Beatles previous record held for 31 years of ‘”the most titles that any artist has placed on the chart in a single week” said Billboard. Let’s hope that Justin Bieber doesn’t stop here and will keep getting the records for Canada!

Drake, an extremely popular artist and rapper from the 6, has been tearing it up with multiple hit singles. Another one of his songs is here, which reached 3rd place in the Billboard Charts for this week. Hotline Bling, a song no one would expect to come from Drake has YouTube blowing up with over 121 million views on his new music video for the hit song. Drake, continuing to gain fans not only in Canada but globally, especially for his feud with Meek Mill where he released a freestyle rap video dissing Meek Mill countless times called ‘Back to Back’. Drake continues to gain fans, and get more popular as more songs come up!

Shawn Mendes, a 17 year old, also from Toronto like Drake has released his debut album recently called Handwritten. That includes songs like Life of The Party, Something Big, and his song reaching 7th place in this weeks chart, Stitches. With 90 million views on his YouTube music video, that is the highest viewed song on his channel. Shawn is just beginning his career and with 3 hit songs at one time reaching the Top 5 on the Billboard Charts, and that is pretty incredible and an outstanding achievement. An amazing Canadian singer is only getting started as he continues making hit songs.

The Weeknd, have had crazy fame this year with the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey showing his song ‘Earned It’ and releasing his voice to the world. The Weeknd released an album called ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ with the many hit songs that have all been in the top 10 including: Earned It, Can’t Feel My Face, Into The Night, and the song placed on 6th place on the Charts; The Hills. With appearances on SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and many other talk shows, The Weeknd and his hair have been rising and have been a Canadian sensation.

As these Canadian artists continue to gain experience, popularity and fans, Canada has some very talented singers on their side. Their expertise in music ahs taken them very far and will continue to do so, as they have Canada along their side as their career advances deeper into success.



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