Scams, Magic, and Party Tricks

Matthew W.

Photo on 11-1-15 at 8.52 PMDo you want to learn some “amazing” party tricks? Do you want make an impression on friends and strangers alike, but are too lazy to actually put some time and effort into learning actual tricks? Well, here, you can learn 6 different card tricks, magic tricks, and scam tricks that you can perform anywhere, anytime! But beware, some of these can get pretty difficult. One item on this list may require a whole 2 minutes of practice!

Pick a card, any card…

This one is extremely versatile (you can perform it in almost any situation), it has a great effect because your audience won’t know where you’re going until you get there, and you have a 1/54 chance of screwing up. The best part is the trick takes literally 2 seconds to learn!

Start by taking out a box of cards and giving it to your spectator. Have them take out the deck and shuffle it. After they are satisfied that the deck is legitimate and not rigged, you will take the deck, and, without showing you, have them pick a card, any card… Once they have that card memorized, tell them to put it back in the deck, and then you will proceed to shuffle the deck. In fact, you can even let them shuffle the deck. Once both of you are satisfied that the card is lost, (heck, you didn’t even know what card it was!), tilt the deck to show them the bottom of the deck, revealing that the card, is NOT their card.

The card fling!

This is more of a “move” rather than a trick, and can be added to an existing card trick (I’m referring to “Pick a card, any card…”). At the end of the trick, where you reveal the card, fling the deck into their face. If you want more of an effect, you can slap them while you’re doing this.

The disadvantage of this trick is pretty obvious. You have to pick up all of your cards at the end . I would recommend doing the trick over a table or with the spectator’s deck.

Phantom quarter

This one is a little riskier, but if you and everybody else in the group are confident in their speaking and body language, it should work. Start by pressing a card against your forehead so it sticks. Proceed to bang your head against a table and see how many bangs it takes to get the quarter off (try to do at least three bangs). Then, challenge a member of your audience to try and get it off in less head-bangs than you. When you go to put the quarter on their head, hold the edges of the quarter between your nail and your finger, and push the middle of the quarter. This way, when you take the quarter off, it will feel like there’s a quarter on their forehead, but don’t worry, you’ve won the competition.

Make sure that when you take the quarter off of their head, pull your hand off to the side, out of their field of vision. If you’re worried about them noticing, as long as they don’t touch their forehead (tell them not to, say it’s cheating or some BS like that), and as long as everybody seems confident that the quarter is there, they won’t notice. If you’re still worried, put glue on one side of the quarter.

2 man coin vanish

For this trick, you will need: A coin, a decent sized opaque napkin, and a partner. It is important that your partner acts as if he doesn’t know the trick and doesn’t know what trick you are doing. Start by placing the coin in your palm, and then place the napkin over the coin. Let your audience reach under the napkin, one at a time, to make sure the coin is actually there. Have your partner be the last one to reach under, but when your partner goes to make sure the coin is there, he will also take the coin. Then, you can do whatever magic thing you like (a wave, a kiss, a blow, doesn’t matter), and then, remove the napkin to reveal that the coin… is gone!

Flying paper balls

No, nothing actually flies in this trick, that’s just what it’s called. This trick requires a grueling 2 minutes of practice (ideally with a friend).

This trick will be easier if your audience is sitting. Tell them to lean in close to your hands and watch closely. Hold a rolled up (tissue) paper ball in one hand, the other hand empty. Show them that there’s nothing else in your hands, and then, for a brief moment, flick both hands out of their field of vision as if you’re adjusting your sleeves (the closer they lean in, the less you have to move your hands. It looks more natural). As your flicking your wrists, you will actually throw the paper ball. When you bring your hands back into view, pretend you still have the paper ball, but hold it in such a way that they can’t see it. Depending on the size of the ball, you may only have to use just a few fingers or your entire hand. Then, put the “ball” in other hand and have them guess which hand the ball is in. It doesn’t matter, because they’ll be wrong either way. You can do this trick with other things too (like coins), but just make sure to clean up after yourself. We do not promote littering!

Bar bet

This one isn’t much harder than the “Pick a card”, but makes this last one hard is the materials needed. You need three big cups, and three small cups (that fit inside the larger ones).

Make a bet with a friend that you can drink three larger cups of water before they can drink three of the smaller cups. Fill the cups with water (or milk, beer,), and then state the terms of the bet:

“I have to drink the three larger cups before you can drink all three of your shots. My cups are mine, your cups are yours. You’re not allowed to touch my cups or move them in any way, and the same goes with your cups. But since I have to drink so much more than you do, you have to wait until I start on a second glass before you can touch your glasses.”

Sounds fair, right? So, once you finish your first glass, place it upside down, on top of their glass, trapping their cup inside. Since they’re not allowed to move your glass, they will never get to that third cup, and you can take as long as you want to finish the rest of your glasses while winning the bet. If there’s other people around, you can keep your hand (or body) on top of that upside down glass to prevent them from moving it.


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