Westmount’s Improved Atrium: Is the Space Going to Waste?

By: Sarah G.


In July of 2013, the roof of Westmount’s atrium got caught on a gust of wind and blew off. “Our school doesn’t have a roof” is now a running joke, but that can begin to come to an end as the plans for the “new and improved” atrium are underway. With a new color and (finally!) a new roof, is the single-floor space just going to waste?

The rumors of a pool and a slide in the atrium have been spreading around, and it looks like these are not going to happen. So what are we supposed to do with this giant column in the middle of our school? Why can’t we have more fun at school, rather than just sitting in desks all day?

An architectural plan has been sent out and shows that this area is being converted to the new location of the learning commons. It will have bookshelves lining the walls, tables to work at and couches in the center, and its all going to be done in January 2016.

All of this is somewhat concerning to some people, because for one, this has taken over two years to fix. Another concern is that this is the third room the learning commons has been in since Westmount moved to the Van Horne campus. If rooms move around too often students could feel like there is too much change happening or that administration just simply cannot make up their minds.

This should be over soon, though. We will have a functioning atrium in three months, and the government of Alberta plans for our school to be fully upgraded and renovated by September 2017. That is two years away, which seems like a long time, but will most likely go by in the blink of an eye. Hopefully this renovation will be the last of the changes for a little while.


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