Is Westmount’s Junior Girls Volleyball Team Going to Win the Playoffs?

By: Sarah G.

Volleyball jersy

Volleyball playoffs are right around the corner, and the junior girls volleyball team is excited! From the week of November 2nd to 6th, volleyball teams from all over Calgary will compete for the gold medal. Are the girls expected to sweep the playoffs, or will they walk away in defeat?

With our junior girls leading out of six teams in the north division, they would be expected to take first place. So far, Westmount junior girls have won all 8 of the games that they have played that count towards the final prize. At this point, their odds look pretty good. Each and every one of the players have improved since the start of the season, and they formed a strong team.

The biggest threat our junior girls team has is the leading team of the south division, Calgary Girls School (CGS). CGS won first at an exhibition tournament (a tournament where the games don’t count) in September, with Westmount following a close second. The final game of that tournament was a high stress situation for the athletes, but unfortunately that high stress caused the team to lose their focus. But this time, the team is coming back ready to fight. A similar high-stress situation arose recently when Westmount played Ècole de la Rose Sauvage (ERS), and has helped them prepare for the upcoming playoffs.

The junior girls volleyball team and Westmount students alike have high hopes for the play-offs and expect to bring home first place.


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