7 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Pop Culture 2015

By: Ana F

We all know that the best Halloween costumes are those that are “in the moment”. So here we have compiled the best Halloween costume ideas based on pop culture this year. From trending hashtags to best movies released this year, here is a list of all you need to know about costumes based on pop culture.

1. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift


Starting off our list is T Swizzle and her music video for “Bad Blood”. As one of the most watched music videos, it has inspired our first Halloween costume. Dressing up with your squad as one of these revenge-seeking superheroes would totally bring out your inner warrior.

2. The Avengers Age of Ultron Squad


You and the squad should dress up as the superheroes we have all learned to love. This year bring out the virtuous part of you and strive to stop evil at every turn.

3. Anyone from Mad Max


This has arguably been one of the most talked about movies this year. So go ahead. Find some weapons (obviously fake please), shave your head and kick some ass.

4. Black/Blue or White/Gold Dress


Find a twin or a best friend and wear the most controversial dress of the year. Some say it is black and blue, others will say it is white and gold. Just please don’t start the #thedress argument up again…

5. Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump


Even though the election isn’t until next year, we have seen a lot of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the campaigning road. And with Saturday Night Live making parodies of both of them, we can all say we still haven’t got enough of the comedy.

6. Left Shark from Katy Perry Show


Remember Katy Perry’s show at the Superbowl? One of the shark dancers, the one on the left, stole the spotlight going viral on the internet just after the performance because of his dance moves. Just act a bit sleepy or tipsy while dancing and you can pull this off in a flash.

7. Scream Queens Squad


Dress up in your pinkest outfit and bring out your inner sassy sorority girl from Scream Queens. Although I think we will let you decide who gets to be Chanel #1.


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