Toronto Blue Jays: A Lookback at A Great Post-Season

By: Jada H.

Throughout most of the season, the Toronto Blue Jays were going strong, and promised for an amazing turnout in the post season. But unfortunately, their journey to the top was long and hard, and proved too difficult for the Jays to pull through. Barely making it through the first series, then coming back 3-2 from a 2-0 deficit against the Texas Rangers, the Jays had to fight even harder to try and defeat the Kansas City Royals. Sadly, they fell short with a 4-3 loss in Game 6. Here’s a recap of their incredibly entertaining post season.

When the Jays were playing the Rangers, they had to fight with all of their will and play as hard as they could. No matter how hard they pushed to come out on top, the Rangers were always there to push them back down. This resulted in a 2 game deficit, leaving the Jays one game away from defeat. But the Jays weren’t going to give up just yet. They proved themselves worthy of moving on to the next round, by winning the next 3 games to move on to the ALCS.

In the second round, it proved to be much more challenging than the first round. The KC Royals were coming in strong with a record of 95-67 in the regular season, and defeating the Houston Astros in the first round with a 3-2 turnout. The Blue Jays were in for a tough one, and that’s how it turned out to be. With basically a repeat of the first round, the Jays ended up down 2 games to 0. In Game 3, the Jays came back with an 11-8 win, but then fell behind again, losing two more games, and indefinitely being prevented from going to the finals.

All in all, the Jays had put in a valiant effort to rise up to where they once were 20 some years ago. But what they didn’t realize is that there would be other teams that would fight back just as hard, and the Jays weren’t prepared for that. Not only did the Texas Rangers set an example of what the post-season would be like, but they also set an example of how hard a team needs to push in order to win the World Series. The Blue Jays did as best as they could, but trying isn’t good enough in the end. You either did it or you didn’t do it.

So to conclude, the Jays had a season of downfalls as well as comebacks, but in the end, they just barely lost their chance to make it to the World Series. Hopefully they will use their experiences from this season to bring them even further than they went this year. Go Jays!

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