Tension Increases As The Syrian Refugee Crisis Continues To Grow

By: Lucas I.

For the average citizens it may be hard to visualize the magnitude of the Syrian refugee crisis since numbers from 2015. But as numbers continue to grow, and conditions increase in tension, not accepting the crisis may become inevitable. Many European Nations are viewing large spikes in public rioting, decrease of food and increase of noise pollution. Majority of analysts draw a conclusion to the pressures coming from refugees attempts to flee war-ridden nations. And as nations continue to dismiss the growing threats they will quickly be left with a problem too big to ignore.

Since the Arab spring, the growing pressures of freedom in the Arab world, is becoming a top priority in the eyes of its citizens. With little to no positive movements alongside growing threats from extremist, political and religious groups; reform looks like an idea that will happen in the far future.

As refugees understand that asylum is the most probable mean for survival, they look for assistance from neighbouring nations in the EU; the closest nations at the moment are Greece and Hungary, although each nation has a refugee protection plan, both are in a form of an economic recision and trying to rebound. Hungary is currently building barbed wired fences near their borders in attempts to try to limit the amount of asylum seekers coming to or through their nation.

In 2014 the European Union had a conference about resolutions and approaches for the refugees. Many countries including England and Spain only proposed to take twenty-thousand in by 2020, while Germany was ready to take over 400,000. After the conference, citizens were highly questionable in regard to the number proposed by each country, and some believed that it went against the purpose of a free and liberal nation. Others believed that limiting the amount of refugees is the right thing to do. All we do know is that waves upon waves of refugees continuing flooding into asylum providing nations, and until we have a plan to solve a growing issue all we can do now is just sit and watch it unravel.



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