Season 5 League Of Legends Championship Finals!


The time has come for the upcoming league of legends worlds championships, where extremely strong teams will be up against each other in a fearsome battle to see who will be crowned the season 5 League of Legends champions! There are teams coming from: North America, Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Chile, and Turkey. The first two weeks it will be the group stages which will be held in Paris. The victors of Paris will be thrown into London for the quarter-finals. The teams that conquer the  semi-finals will journey to Brussels to fight under the judging eye of the semi-finals. Finally, the last two teams will clash for the championship title, in the ultimate showdown held in Berlin!. The group stages will start on the first of October, and it gets real in the finals on the 31st. We’ll just have to wait and see which team will be crowned the king, of Season 5 of the League of Legends, championship!?

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In the groups stages, each team got a chance to play a best of one against three other teams, determined by the luck of the draw. This was held in Paris. After the draws they would play only one game against the opposing team. This will set which teams will be put into what groups for round of 16.

. Our North American teams this year that qualified for worlds was Team Solomid, Counter Logic Gaming, and Cloud 9. For our 3 teams in the group stages, Cloud 9 managed to pick up an impressive 3-0 beating all the teams they playing against. Counter Logic Gaming then followed going 2-1 losing to an Korean team, and sadly Team SoloMid only won 1 out of their 3 games. Next the three North American teams moved on to the round of 16 matches. After 4 days of constant matches the results for our NA teams were devastating. All of the North American teams lost each of their matches, with each team going 0-3 the region of North America was now out of the world championship series.

Even with our NA teams out of the picture, worlds is not over yet. A total of 8 teams moved onto the quarterfinals.This will take place in London. Instead of only playing one game against the opposing team, the teams would need to play a best out of 5 match, this meant that whichever team took 3 wins would be victorious and advance to the semi-finals. The 8 teams in quarters where:

Flash Wolves    V.S      Origen

SKTelecom T1  V.S      ahq e-Sports Club

Fnatic       V.S       Edward Gaming

KT Rolster         V.S       Koo Tigers

After an intense set of matches the finals standings are :

Origen   3-1 Flash Wolves

SKTeleCom 3-0        Ahq e-Sports Club

Fnatic   3-0        Edward Gaming

Koo Tigers  3-1   Kt Rolster

This means that the final four teams which will be going into the semi-finals are Origen a new but extremely strong European team, SKTelecom who has been dominating this entire tournament as well as a former world champion. Fnatic an extremely old team that has been around for many years but has changed up their roster a lot and with this current one they have a huge chance of winning, and finally Koo Tigers which is a Korean team that has never actually been to worlds before but is showing their skills this year. After the short break all the teams head on to Brussels for the Semi Finals.

For the semi finals the teams competing against each other will be

  SKTelecom (SKT)  V.S.  Origen (OG)

Fnatic (FNC)       V.S.   Koo Tigers (KOO)

After A tough fight for a spot in the finals, the two victorious teams where:

SKTelecom (SKT)  3-0   Origen (OG)

Koo Tigers (KOO) 3-0    Fnatic (FNC)

SKTelecom have been completely demolishing each and every team they have faced since the start of this tournament, they have not lost a single match and have climbed to the finals for the second time. I guess Origen just didn’t have enough experience yet to compete against such a strong team known as SKT, they got crushed 3-0 by the Korean former world champions but they are sure to be back next year ready as ever.

As well as Koo Tigers, they have also won their match 3-0 Against the insanely strong European team known as Fnatic, Koo Tigers have been showing what they’ve got throughout this entire tournament and are now preparing for their final show down as Fnatic pack their bags. The time for finals have finally come, it will be held in Berlin where the 2 teams SKTelecom and Koo Tigers will compete for the championship title, which team will be victorious? Will SKT win worlds for the second time? or will they be upsetted by the complete ungerdogs Koo Tigers? These two extremely strong teams will be facing off on the 31st of October early in the morning, to see who becomes victorious. and takes the title watch online live. This is the final battle of season 5, make sure you don’t miss it.


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