How to Make a Divine Risotto in just 5 Steps!

By: Griffin Naugler

Risotto is a northern italian rice dish cooked in a broth of any kind. The final product should be a creamy consistency with a rich flavour.

Many people shy away from risotto due to its difficult appearance and it’s frightening creation process. In reality if you are aware of what the state of cooking the dish is at all times you should not run into any difficulties. Lets begin!


– Broth of any kind (I personally prefer vegetable broth)
– spinach
– Mushrooms
– extra virgin olive oil
– A short grained rice (I personally use )
– Butter
– Onion
– Garlic
– Parsley
– Any other additions that you want


1. Ensure that you have all of the ingredients present and fully prepared. (very important, don’t pull a westmount and start making it only to realize that you don’t have enough broth)
2. The rice is first cooked very briefly in a “soffritto” of onion, extra virgin olive oil, and crushed garlic.
3. Once the olive oil has begun to evaporate, the heat should be raised to a medium to high temperature. The stock should be gradually added in small portions all whilst stirring slowly and gently. Continue until this creates a “smooth creamy-textured liquid”.
4. Take the risotto off the heat and stir cold butter into the risotto vigorously. Continue stirring until the creamy texture of the risotto becomes as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that similar to other rice dishes, risotto will continue cooking from the residual heat for a few minutes after the heat is discontinued.
5. Garnish and serve on a flat dish. If done correctly the risotto should spread out easily and have “al dente” (a bit of resistance when biting).
6. (optional) Enjoy!


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