Does Exercising Truly Help You Stay Healthy or is There More to the Equation?

by: Sehej N.

Exercising is great, it gets you fit, it keeps you active, and it makes you stronger. If you want to be healthy for a long period of time, is exercising going to help or will you have to do more to keep yourself at it. A healthy diet is probably the most important factor in staying healthy. A healthy diet leads to many things including less fat and weight loss. Exercising is a great secondary thing to help you along with a healthy diet.

Exercising is short term fat loss, if you exercise, but still eat a lot of junk you will notice little to no change. On the other hand if you’re eating well and also exercise you should be able to notice a lot of change, and this also leads to being happier with yourself. A better mood leads you to being more effective at work and also acting better with your friends which spreads the joy.

What Is A Healthy Diet?  (You DO NOT have to take any advice from this article, these are all generalizations)

A great way to start off a healthy diet is to decrease carbohydrates intake. Of course you should not completely remove carbs from your food, they are essential to your well being, but eating too many is also not very beneficial. Carbs include: Breads, Pasta, Rice, etc. There are many substitutes such as brown rice or quinoa which still have carbs but there is not as many as the normal types.

Another thing you should do is heavily increase your vegetable intake, according to Canada Food Guide you should have a minimum 8-10 if you are male or 7-8 if you are a female. If you want to be on a healthy diet you could raise these minimums up a little, but you don’t have to.

The last thing you should do is eliminate as many artificial sugars as possible, every now and then you can have a cheat day, but sugars are the worst things for your body. Of course you do need a little every day, but you should try to make sure they are natural sugars. Reducing sugars greatly contributes to weight/fat loss and should be the key basis of a healthy diet.

Exercising should always be in your routine, but if you want to lose weight make sure that you also eat healthy. Eating healthy is the most productive form of weight loss and once weight has been lost, people become happier which leads to them having a better attitude.

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Remember, you don’t have to take any advice from this article, I would recommend to actually look up proper diets, and fitness routines

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