An Asteroid Comes for Halloween!

by Oceane S.

According to Nasa an asteroid of 400 meters will brush against the earth on the 31st October. This asteroid will pass within 490 000 kilometers of the Earth–that is equivalent to 1,3 times the distance between our planet and its satellite–the moon. It is a really short distance relative to the universe.
Called 2015 TB 145, and surnamed the “Great Pumpkin” by scientists, this asteroid has been spotted the first time on the 10th of October, a really late discovery at only 20 days of its passage. This phenomenon is explained by the unusual and eccentric orbit of the asteroid, according to Nasa.

It is the first asteroid to pass so close to the earth since 2006 and the last expected before 2027. In 2027 the asteroid 1999 AN 10 is projected to pass within only 380 000 kilometers of the earth.

For everyone who would like to see this Halloween surprise, it will be possible but only with a telescope. “


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