Why The 2015 Federal Election Could Be the Most Surprising Election Yet

By: Jada H.

It’s already six weeks into the election and there is still no significant hint as to who could be leading our country for the next four years. For the longest time, the PCs have been a majority here in Canada, and the other political parties didn’t stand a chance against them. Yet this time around, the Liberals and the NDPs are catching up, and the PCs aren’t dominating as they usually do. This difference, plus many others, are the reasons why this upcoming election could make Canadian history.

First off, these are the current standings in the election so far: NDP: 28.9%, Liberal: 30.8%, PC: 30.4%, BQ: 3.0%, Green: 6.0%. This is a huge difference from the 2011 election with these standings: PC: 39.6%, NDP: 30.6%, Liberal: 18.9%, BQ: 6.0%, Green: 3.9%. As you can see, the PCs had a very big lead over the NDPs and the Liberals in 2011. But now, there is a very tight race between all three parties, and there is no significance as to who could be leading our country. This is very surprising, as the PCs usually dominate the elections, but now that they have to fight for their spot as leader, it will be interesting to see who will pull out in the end.

This change in standings could be a result of the changes in party leaders. This is Tom Mulcair’s first election as NDP leader, replacing Jack Layton in 2012. This is also Justin Trudeau’s first election as Liberal leader, replacing Michael Ignatieff in 2013. These changes could’ve affected their viewpoints on different issues, interesting more voters into what they could bring to the table. This could also be a reason why these parties are progressing more than the PCs are.

Secondly, these three parties aren’t focusing on advocating for themselves as much as they are putting their rival parties down to make themselves look better. For example, according to Global News, the PCs are trying to put the blame on the NDPs for the recession in Alberta, whereas in a former statement the PCs had claimed that no one had any control over what was happening. Why would it be smarter to make others look weaker when you can spend your time making yourself look stronger? If they had made a strong campaign for themselves, it would’ve given all of those three parties a stronger lead in this election. The fact that they aren’t focusing on themselves as much is very surprising.

Lastly, the outcome of who will win the election is all determined on the voter turnout in B.C., as they are the last to vote in our country. All the other voters in all the other provinces will definitely have an influence on the outcome of the election. Yet in the end, it comes down to B.C. to have the final say on this very important decision. Since voting is the last to start in B.C., the rest of Canada will have to wait until votes are counted there before our new government is decided. Who the B.C. voters decide to vote for in this election is currently unknown, but it will be interesting to see what the final decision is.

To conclude, these factors, and many others, are the reasons why the 2015 Canadian federal election could be the most surprising one yet. There are no real hints or clues as to who will come out up on top, so we will have to wait and see who Canada decides to vote for this time. How the votes will turn out in the end will be a mystery until election day.


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