Westmount Dress Code

By: Griffin N.

As the school year starts once again and the days begin to get shorter, the students of Westmount look for a new way to cool down and as logic would have it, cooling down involves wearing less clothing or clothing with a looser weave. A problem arises with people’s clothing becoming more and more revealing. Sure a sleeveless tee-shirt is ok but how much skin is too much?

I personally believe that you should dress as you want to be perceived by others, and that means that if you dress inappropriately others are more likely to perceive you as inappropriate, less successful, and aside from other things less intelligent. But wanted to ask other people for their opinion on the Westmount dress code, so I took to the halls.

One grade 9 boy told me. “It’s okay I guess, but people don’t seem to follow it.” Whereas a grade 10 girl states with a harsh yet certain tone. “It should be more enforced.” I personally agree that it should be more enforced due to the sheer quantity of students who are still either oblivious to the code or who outright refuse to abide by it. I personally believe that teachers should be enforcing the dress code much more and not let people get away with breaking it. There should also be a larger punishment if the students continuously break it.

As yet another grade 9 boy comments with a sense of concern in his voice.
“Maybe it should be removed because it is not being follow by the people who forced the dress code to be created.”
Whereas a grade 8 girl attempts to express her feeling of helplessness on the topic;
“It restricts what I can wear to school and I feel like it doesn’t allow me to fully express myself. But unfortunately, it is school policy so regardless of what I say I have no power over it!” The helplessness that some of the students are experiencing vis a vis the dress code is morally devastating. Is there a way for students to express themselves while still abiding the dress code? Who can we voice our concerns to so that we are sure that we are being heard?

“Why can’t guys just keep their eyes to themselves?” Asks a grade 9 girl. “It is our body so we should choose how to dress it!” I personally think that this cannot be exaggerated enough; the dress code is gender neutral! Boys cannot get away with wearing anything that girls can’t wear. In fact I challenge everyone to think of one article of clothing that a boy can wear at school yet a girl can’t.

I also conducted a study asking 50 boys and 50 girls if they were pro or con dress code. There was a surprising 57% pro dress code meaning only a measly 43% were against it. I also notices that the gender distribution of pro or con dress code was fairly even. With 66% of the boys and 48% of the girls being pro dress code.

What will this mean for the future of the dress code? Will there finally be a change? How are our voices heard and what input can we make? Those are all questions that I can’t answer but I hope one day we will find our common ground and achieve a satisfactory agreement for both parties.


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