Top Three New Inventions You Didn’t Know About!

By: Ope O.

Today were are going to be counting down 3 insanely cool inventions of 2015, that you didn’t even know were on this earth. It’s the kind of ‘out of this world inventions’ that you thought were only in movies, but these real world inventions will blow your mind.

Lexus Hover-board: SLIDE

Yes, you read that right, a real hover-board has been invented by Lexus engineers, and it’s called SLIDE. The board uses liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors to literally levitate a couple inches off the ground. This is without a doubt an amazing invention but it is still only the first step towards the dream of a hover-board, as SLIDE is very impractical as it requires a track of magnets below it in order to levitate. So SLIDE will only work on a track that Lexus build in Barcelona, Spain. Furthermore it requires constant refills of liquid nitrogen. But guys, that’s one step closer to flying cars!


The LFEX Laser

A extremely high powered laser has just been created, and launched by scientists from Japan’s Osaka University. And when I say extreme I really mean it, this laser fires at around 2 petawatts that’s two quadrillion watts, that’s 15 zeros! To give you some perspective that is an energy which is 1000 times the entire earth’s consumption. The laser is almost 100m long, and along its length are four glass ‘lamps’ that constantly amplify the power of the laser. This means that the laser can output as much as it does with only imputing only a couple hundred joules of energy, which is only as much energy as a microwave uses in 2 seconds. But despite all its power the laser can only fire for 1 pico second, which is only 1 trillionth of a second. So even with its insane power, it’s “still got nothing on the death starlaser

The Proprio Foot

Now This thing is pretty cool, it’s a bionic foot used for people with amputated feet. It is a robotic ankle that senses a person’s movements and adjusts its angle to simulate a natural stride. A new version of the prosthetic, however, changes the limb’s sensory input system, taking its commands from the brain’s electrical impulses instead of leg movements.The company’s new myoelectric sensor technology is to thank for the Proprio Foot’s abilities. A pair of tiny chips is imputed into the muscle with a surgery that takes only 15 minutes. These chips reads electrical impulses from the brain, processes them, and wirelessly transmits the decoded commands to the foot. Moreover each of the sensors are powered by magnetic coils that are embedded in the robot limb’s socket, so there’s no battery system to recharge or replace over time. Robot uprising? Never thought it would be so soon.


That’s not all, hundreds of new inventions come out every year, quirky and cool things you would never expect, just always remember a good idea is never in vain!


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