Speculation on Upcoming Batman vs. Superman Movie

Matthew W.

Batman V Superman picPhoto Credits: The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice/rumours-spoilers-news/

There’s been a lot of excitement for the Batman v Superman movie coming out near the end of March, 2016. But let’s take a deeper look at what will be happening in the movie. Keep in mind that most of what I’ll be saying is theory, and correct, spoilers may lie ahead.

Let’s start with some background information. It is confirmed that Metropolis and Gotham are sister cities, just across the bay from one another; Metropolis being the rich, Gotham being the poor.

The movie picks up from the end of Man of Steel, where Superman’s battle with Zod is destroying the city, including a Wayne Finances This explains why Bruce Wayne (Batman) has a grudge against Superman. He wants to bring Superman to justice for the destruction of the city, the resulting deaths, as well as the deaths of his employees.

In the trailer we also see aggravating writing on a newspaper article about the deaths of Wayne Tower, as well as across what may be a Robin costume. This could be the Joker provoking Batman.

The government also seems to have a problem with Superman, as people don’t know whether they hate him, love him, or fear him, and weather or not one person should have so much power. But the majority of protesters in the trailer are carrying signs against Superman as he walks into what looks like a courthouse.

Clark Kent’s (Superman) feelings against Batman may be because he thinks that Batman is too brutal in his techniques. The film is based off the comic The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman is more grizzled and violent. Evidence of this in the trailer is when we see a criminal is branded with the Batman insignia.

You’re probably wondering what concoction Batman will dream up against a god-like foe. Superman obviously has the upper hand in combat, but remember that Bruce is also a very smart guy, and has quite a few tricks up his sleeve (example, hostage situation). We also see that Lex Luthor has a giant rock of Kryptonite, and both Lex and Bruce are billionaires living fairly close to each other. This could result in them teaming up, or perhaps Batman breaks into Lexcorp to steal that green rock.

Speaking of Lex, we see the body of Zod in the trailer, and it’s most likely in the possession of Lexcorp (Lex Luther’s company). Lex could try to use the body to create a weapon against Superman, or just resurrect the body. Either way, it could create Doomsday, Superman’s greatest villain and one that ends up killing Superman in the comics.

Some more evidence of Doomsday could be that:

  • Wonder Woman was knocked back by a very strong force, and it is unlikely it was Superman or Batman who hit her.
  • The battleground is a wasteland, which neither Batman nor Superman would want to create.
  • We see Batman narrowly dodge a laser beam that was clearly directed to kill (which would be out of character if it was fired by Superman) and it doesn’t resemble Superman’s lasers. The laser we see is big and explodes on impact (sort of like a missile), while Superman’s beams are more focused and cuts/burns through material.

We also know that Wonder Woman plays a big role in Batman v Superman, possibly to aid in the fight against Doomsday. A point worth mentioning is that a romance between Wonder Woman and Bruce is definitely possible.

Other rumored cameo appearances include: Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. This could be because DC is trying to set up a Justice League movie, and needs a quick way to introduce all the characters.

One more thing that might interest you is the potential of Superman and/or Batman’s own militia. We see soldiers bearing the Superman insignia, bowing down to Superman (however, they do have guns, which would go against the whole “no killing” thing). Lex may be referring to this army when he says “The Red Capes are coming…”.

Batman might also have “The sons of Batman” which is a group of vigilantes who are trained by and serve Batman. Evidence of this in the trailer is when someone who looks like Batman fights Superman’s soldiers. This “Son of Batman” also snaps a soldier’s neck though, so that also goes against the whole “no killing” rule.

We don’t know too much about Batman vs. Superman, but there is much to look forward to. The trailer does include some very nice action scenes, and there is (I think) compelling evidence of some of the things I have mentioned in this article. All in all, this is definitely a movie that you won’t want to miss.


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