Advice Column: 8 School Hacks to Survive Our School Year

By: Jada H. and Ana F.

We all know this school year is gonna be tough, so here are some hacks that will get you through. These will help you with homework, friends, and whatever else you may be having trouble with.

  1.        How To Finish Your Homework Efficiently

–              Take 10 -15 minutes a day to work on it. If you work too much, your work will not be as efficient

–              Turn off your phone and all other distractions

–              Avoid procrastinating, it only makes you more stressed out in the end

–              Use study notes as much as you can. You remember more when you write things down

  1.        How To Know If Your Friends Are Fake

–              They’re only there for you when they need or want something

–              They never listen to you or what you have to say, they focus all the attention on themselves

–              They’re always putting you down in order to make them feel better about themselves.

–              They always lie to you to make you feel better but they lie about things that shouldn’t be lied about

  1.        How To Ace All Of Your Classes

–              Take good notes, colour code them

–              Study for 15 minutes every day for at least a week before your test

–              Chew gum while studying, it helps you concentrate more

–              Listen to music that helps you concentrate, classical music helps you to hold on to more information for longer while pumped up pop music stimulates the part of your brain used to process creative thoughts

–              Don’t get on your teacher’s bad side

  1.        How To Focus On Working In Class
  • Listen to music that helps you concentrate, or put earphones in
  • Try and separate yourself from others who distract you
  • See if you can even go out into the hallway or somewhere quiet so you can focus better
  • Work with someone that doesn’t distract you so you are still being efficient with your work
  1.        How To Manage Your Time Between School And Other Activities
  • If you have any breaks between long hours of activities, take your schoolwork and try and finish as much as you can.
  • Do some of your homework in the car if you can. This will help you focus on your activities more when you get there.
  • Set yourself a time limit when you get home to do as much homework as you can without staying up too late. Tiring yourself out won’t help you at all.
  • Try doing some of your homework during lunch or breaks at school if you are too overwhelmed with activities after school.
  1.    How To Make New Friends
  • Be confident and introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.
  • Try and find common interests between yourselves. See what they like and dislike.
  • Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Wait and see what kind of a person they are before you make any judgments.
  • It’s okay if you are shy but sometimes you need to get out your own little bubble and believe in yourself
  1.  How to Deal With Stress
  • Don’t procrastinate, even though it seems like a temporary solution, it is just going to cause more stress in the long run.
  • Every problem has a solution and if a problem that is stressing you out doesn’t seem to have a solution it is not a problem.
  • Take a break from whatever is causing you stress.
  • Listen to music and dance 🙂
  • Read a book or write your feelings down. (It actually works).
  • Talk to someone about it, don’t bottle it all up because it is going to get to a point where you can’t keep it in anymore
  • Be optimistic, look at the good things in life instead of focusing on the negatives.
  1.  How to Be Confident Every Single Day
  • Wear things that make you feel confident and comfortable with yourself
  • Look at yourself in the mirror in a positive way, not in a negative way
  • Smile 🙂
  • Make eye contact with people
  • Don’t let anyone bring you down
  • Focus on what you like about yourself and don’t shame yourself for what you don’t like
  • Accept who you are as a person

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