Hungary’s Southern Wall

Hungary Shuts Down its land Borders to Mitigate the Influx of Immigrants into Europe.

Trevor N. Minister Viktor Orman of Hungary’s right-wing political party has shut down the borders of the southern E.U.; because of the some hundred thousand immigrants who have attempted to gain asylum in European countries. Orman is openly anti-immigration especially from the Middle-East and North Africa, he states that he is taking the necessary steps to “protect Europe’s Christian values”  by shutting down the primary land route for Syrian refugees.

Whilst many European nations believe that Hungary’s actions are crude and racist, the immigration crisis has forced such drastic measures, as it stands there are too many immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa attempting to illegally cross into Europe. These massive waves of refugees has created a horrific economic situation in the E.U. The immigrants require medical care, welfare and many more basic services when they enter the country. The effects of this are increased taxation for hard working European citizens to pay for the immigrants, many of which will never assimilate into the workforce, moreover the E.U. standards require that each immigrant receive a two thousand euro package, this furthers the strain on the country’s working class. Hungary’s actions should not be scrutinized but encouraged, to protect European nations from eventual situations similar to what happened to Spain and Italy.

The border guards in Hungary have engaged in clashes with migrants over their right to cross the threshold into Europe, clashes have often resulted in serious injury and in rare cases, fatalities. The use of tear gas and rubber bullets by border guards has created controversy in the E.U. over whether the Hungarian decisions are ethical, as the crowds mount outside of the country and the attempts to getting in  legally and illegally methods have escalated and if this continues to occur then so to will the “skirmishes.” Although Hungary’s actions have put strain on other Balkan states because of their decision to shut down the borders, as the Hungarian military took up positions along the southern parts of the region the refugees are attempting to enter Serbia and Montenegro. This puts these two nations in a difficult spot, although the only promising method seems to be the closing of all border crossing and hopefully Serbia and Montenegro will choose to halt the refugees. While the border security increases and thousands of refugees pile up on the “southern wall’ the world as a choice, aid the refugees and risk european cultures decline, sovereignty and safety or halt the refugees at the border and turn them away. The refugee crisis in Hungary will continue to escalate unless Europe chooses to support Orman’s cause.


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