The Most Exciting Television Premieres This Season


Tahir P.

The new television season is here. With your already busy schedules, are there any shows that are worth your time?

The Muppets –

A new way to watch the beloved Muppets. The series created by Bob Kushell (creator of 3rd Rock from the Sun) and Bill Prady (creator of Big Bang Theory) focuses on the everyday lives of The Muppets. Using real life tie ins and celebrity guest stars, you see The Muppets in a way that may be familiar from the recent Muppets movies created by James Bobin. In the show, you will see the personal and professional lives of the Muppets in a single camera setup and although this may seem like a children’s television show, it is being broadcast on ABC and is geared towards those who grew up with the original Muppets.

The Muppets premieres on Tuesday September 22nd on ABC.

Scream Queens –

This horror-comedy series has everything going for it; a star studded cast, amazing creators and and a great concept, but will it live up to its hype? Inspired by classic “scream queen” horror movies, the series follows the members of a sorority that now have to let whoever wants to join the sorority into it. Suddenly a masked killer starts killing the new pledges and members one by one. Created by the makers of Glee and American Horror Story, and featuring actors such as Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele, the show is sure to be a hit!

Scream Queens premieres on Tuesday September 22nd on FOX

Heroes Reborn –

The 2006-2010 TV show Heroes ended after the show quickly lost its appeal. Heroes reborn is the reboot of Heroes, a sci-fi drama that although had an amazing and promising first season, lost its touch after the 2007 writers strike. The previous writers of the series are back at it for this 13 episode mini series. One thing that made the show so loveable was the cast. The show will be bringing back most of the original cast and having some fresh new faces. According to the official website, the series takes place after a terrorist attack that destroyed a city. The government blamed the heroes who are now living in hiding or running away from the police. We will have to see whether this lives up to the expectations, after the writers said it brought back many elements from the first season.

Heroes Reborn premieres on Thursday September 24th on NBC

The good thing with television is that, there is something for everyone!


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