New Era Cap: The Bloodline of the MLB

By: Lucas I.

A vision that began in the early 1920s by young German immigrant became one of the most important blueprints in the making of America’s pastime. The legacy that New Era Cap continues to be filled with includes rich craftsmanship, history and passion. This is a cap company that reshaped the vision of performance headwear.

The New Era Cap Company began in the early 1920s when German immigrant Ehardt Koch, borrowed 1000 dollars from his sister to fulfill his dream; the dream of starting the worlds finest cap company. Ehardt began by producing the hot and fashionable Gatsby cap, but when popularity declined in the 1930s, his only son Harold suggested he should hook onto the rapidly growing sport of baseball, and begin producing on field caps for local teams. Word spread and New Era signed a deal with Major League ball club, Cleveland, this was the first of the thirty clubs that would eventually sign. As popularity grew New Era expanded their hat to minor league divisions as well.

By the early 1950s Ehardt Koch and small company that he once started in his basement, was the only official supplier of Major League Baseball, some of his top clients included: the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers, and by the turn of the 1980s twenty out of the twenty-four Major League teams were associated with New Era. By the early 1990s every single MLB team used new era as the official on field cap. New Era continued to grow expanding its hats to other continents like Australia, Europe and Asia, and every day they continue to improve their products by r break through technology’s and innovation that help improve the performance of every baseball athlete.

With every cap that New Era produced since the 1920’s, every thread holds the history, craftsmanship and quality, and with the future looking bright New Era strives to continue Ehardt’s legacy for generations to come.


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