Music Streaming: All You Need to Know About the New Normal for Listening to Music

IMG_6050Tahir P.

The way people listen to music these days has drastically changed. Instead of buying music from the internet or purchasing a CD, the newest trend is streaming music.

Streaming is a continuous transfer of music from the internet to a computer or device without physically owning the music or keeping it on your hard drive.

There are two ways to getting music on the internet, downloading and streaming. When downloading, you buy music from websites or programs like iTunes. The songs are installed on your device or computer until you delete it. The cost for purchasing songs are typically either 99 cents or $1.29, with an album being about $10. Once the music is downloaded you can burn the songs on a CD, download it onto an MP3 player or listen to it where it was originally downloaded.

When streaming music, you go on a music streaming website, sign up for an account and with internet connection, you can listen to music for free with advertisements. If you want to be able to listen to the music offline there is a cost which differs depending on the streaming service. Think of free streaming as a radio station except you choose the songs you want to listen to.

There are advantages and disadvantages to streaming music instead of downloading music. There are sites and programs online where you can download music for free, but most of the time these sites are unsafe and getting music from these sites does not support the artist at all. If you want safe and virus-free music you will have to pay for it. Depending on how much you pay for music a month, it may be cheaper to stream the music online because you can stream millions of songs for a set price each month.

There are many music streaming programs, the most popular ones being Spotify and Apple Music. Each of these services have different pros and cons. Apple Music and Spotify both have the same cost although Spotify has a free version and Apple Music does not. Spotify is available on more devices but does not have a human driven radio service like Apple Music does.

Should you sign up for a streaming service? If you’re a casual music listener and still want to use your CDs or mp3 players, the free option on Spotify is great because you can listen to millions of songs with internet connection and listen to your mp3 or CDs when you’re offline. If you’re an avid music listener and download over $10 dollars a month, the premium option on any site could be the right choice.

With all the music streaming sites taking over the music industry, it could be worth it to give one of these sites a chance.


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