Is the Future Here?

By: Sehej N

Lexus Canada has just announced a fully functional hoverboard. Yes you heard it right, a hoverboard! Although it hovers only a few centimeters off the ground, this is the first step to hover transportation. The hoverboard will not be released to public, but the board has been proven to work over a youtube video made by Lexus themselves.

The hoverboard is certainly outstanding and the way it works is very complicated. It uses a perfect combination of superconductors, magnets, and liquid nitrogen. When all of these aspect are combined it leads to magnetic levitation. The hoverboard also uses a track underneath the ground which is full of permanent magnets. In the board there are superconducting blocks. Liquid nitrogen cools these blocks to -197 degrees celsius, thus freezing the magnetic field. When put upon the track the board has no choice but to levitate a few centimeters off the ground.

The board itself is called SLIDE and has a natural feel to it because the outside is made out of bamboo. The connection between the high tech and the earthy feel caused by thdownloade bamboo gives the board a look that is very special and unique. The board weighs 11.5 kilograms and is somewhat heavy for something that is the size and shape of a skateboard. When the test rider,Ross Mcgouran, a pro skater, was asked about having to ride the board he said “everything I knew about skating went out the window.” This shows that riding the hoverboard is nothing like a normal skateboard even though it looks almost the same as one!

One of the most important aspects of the hoverboard actually working is the specialized skatepark made just for this hoverboard. The park has though specific magnetic tracks running under it and also includes basic skate park equipment and “obstacles”. In addition to the normal equipment it also has special features such as a strip of water which the hoverboard can ride over, so it feels like you’re almost walking on water. The park is located in Barcelona Spain and it is closed to the public, but if you need hard evidence this exists… go to Spain.

In conclusion, then Lexus hoverboard is a small step towards hover transportation, even though it needs a magnetic track underneath it, it is still a magnificent invention and an amazing starting point for companies to build off of and maybe even help the future arrive a little early.

“Slide – Amazing in Motion – Lexus International.” Amazing in Motion. Lexus. Web. 15 Sept. 2015.


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