Canadian NHL teams: Season Preview

By: Sehej N

It’s that time again, it’s time to ask the annual question: Is it October yet? Hockey season is around the corner and it’s time to get the ins and out for all the canadian teams in the league. Will the Flames be a playoff team again, will the Oilers bomb or finally make it to the playoffs? Find out now!

Calgary Flames:

The Flames have just come off their best season in a decade, against all odds they pushed their way into the 2015 playoffs. With young players like Johnny Hockey, Sean Monahan, and veterans like, Jiri Hudler, and the captain Mark Giordano. The Flames shouldn’t let that get to their head. They will have to play their best to get back into the playoffs this year, and whoever their goalie will be, will be a huge factor in the playoff race.

Edmonton Oilers:

The Oilers finished second last in the west last year with a team that should be making the playoffs every year. Now with the addition of Connor Mcdavid playoff hopes look promising. Connor McDavid could be the new age Wayne Gretzky and carry this team into their first playoffs since their 06 playoff run. The Oilers have a great offense, but their defence and goalies are weak, with little experience in the NHL could hold back these playoff hopes for a few more years.

Montreal Canadiens:

The Montreal Canadiens walked their way into the 2015, playoffs coming second in the East and also being the best Canadian team in the whole league. With young all-star defenders like P.K. Subban, and snipers like Max Pacioretty the Canadiens are undoubtedly going to be in the playoffs for the second time in a row this season.  

Ottawa Senators:

After their late playoff push during March and April the Senators looked like a team that could not be beat, they were playing so well that they knocked Boston out of a playoff spot. Now whether they can do it again is the question. Ottawa is a strong team with one of the best defensemen in the league in Erik Karlsson, but the way the Senators crashed out of the playoffs last year could bring a negative effect at the start of this season. It will be hard but totally possible for them to get into a playoff spot.

Toronto Maple Leafs:

Unlike most of the other Canadian teams, Toronto doesn’t have very strong hopes in making the playoffs  After coming off a season where they finished second last in the East, recording only 30 wins, and losing their all star player, Phil Kessel, it will be near impossible for them to make a playoff push. The best idea for the Leafs is to wait a year, and hopefully get a great young talent from the draft. This year is a year for rebuilding!

Vancouver Canucks:

Another playoff team from last year was the Canucks, even though they got knocked out by the Flames in the first round last year, the Canucks still looked strong. With the Sedin twins leading the way, the Canucks have been one of the most consistent Canadian teams every year. Ryan Miller will likely be in goal for the Canucks and with his veteran ability it will be hard to get any sort of puck into the back of the net. Like last year the Canucks should be able to make the playoffs and maybe even push farther past the first round.

Winnipeg Jets:

Last but not least, the newest NHL team. After starting their rebuild two years ago, the Jets have already fought their way back into the playoffs. Even though they fell in the first round to the Ducks the Jets started off each of the 4 games with the lead. A stronger defense this year will help in the push for the playoffs, and like the Flames, the Jets can make it into the playoffs if they play like they did last year!

In conclusion this year has the potential to be one of the best years for all the Canadian teams in the league, and maybe one of them could bring home the STANLEY CUP!

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