How Technology Kills Privacy

By Alan Y

There was an age where there was such a thing a privacy. Arguably, that age is long

gone since the birth of internet technology. The mass amounts of information online about every

single person on social medias such as Facebook has broken down the barriers of privacy.

Hackers can steal information easier than ever making internet users more vulnerable than ever

before. Cloud storage systems such as iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are

especially vulnerable to hacks. The age of privacy is long gone and we have no one to blame

but ourselves.

Critics will always find someone else to blame. In this case, they have a valid argument.

Companies are not protecting our private information as well as they should be for big online

services like iCloud to get hacked. Even though this serves as a valid argument we should know

well enough by now that anything and everything online can be hacked. Anything you don’t want

other people to ever find out should never be put online. It is as simple as that. Even though

online storage like iCloud has proven useful we still shouldn’t be dumping private pictures or

important documents on the cloud.

Facebook has privacy settings to show certain things to certain people. Imagine

someone hacks into your friend’s Facebook account and suddenly knows everything about you:

your home address, your email, where you’re from and more. Can we really blame social media

for this? If we only want to share certain things with certain people why not just tell them in real

life? Your real friends will have all the knowledge they need to know about you anyway, so there

is no point of putting it online. People are just setting themselves up for loss of privacy.

Hackers are an issue of today’s society with the internet storing so much information. It

is nearly impossible to defend from hackers. There is security such as Norton that helps defend

from hackers, but costs you money. Security may help, but hackers will find a way into your

defended files if they really want to. The best protection is to not put sensitive information online;

this makes your information safe from hackers and it costs nothing.

There is a simple easy solution to uphold your privacy that could fix a lot of problems

with today’s crammed internet. Whatever you don’t want the public to see, don’t put it on the

internet. If you are okay with anyone seeing what you have to say then you are fine. There is no

simpler way to keep things private then never sharing them. Don’t give the responsibility of your

privacy to companies. Let yourself control who knows the private information about you.


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