The Worlds Beautiful Game

By Amrit G.

Recently, 7 FIFA officials have been arrested for fraud and corruption. What does this mean for the world cup in Canada, Qatar and in Russia? For the womens world cup we are not expecting many changes, it will likely go on but the FBI is looking into this scandal and any officials would likely be arrested. Sep Blatter the FIFA president was re-elected this year but surprisingly stepped down. What many are wondering is why? The man had it all, power, money and control over this situation. But, he didn’t have the most important thing and that is respect. Vladimir Putin is furious with the U.S. now, but then again when was he not, the U.S. was a leader in this investigation.

The FBI is now looking into everything that FIFA is doing, and more specifically the world cup in Qatar and Russia. What doesn’t make sense is why the world cup is being placed in those countries. Qatar is extremely hot which could be dangerous for players, and the worker conditions are horrible. Workers are slowly diminishing due to death or injury as building a stadium is a daunting and dangerous task. Russia is currently in a state of crisis both politically and capitally. The Kontinental Hockey League is about to go bankrupt and spending billions on the world cup wouldn’t be too wise for the Russian government. If bribery is found to be a factor as to why Qatar and Russia were picked for the world cup then it may be placed somewhere else. Russia has been known for its antics in any sports not just soccer, but a match between Manchester City and CSKA Moscow was behind closed doors due to Russian fans making racial comments. Vlad Voronin said many Russians are angry and upset over Blatter’s resignation “because of the tense political situation in Russia, and the negative relations America has with Russia”. He said he did not believe the investigations were political and argued the cancellation of the 2018 World Cup remains unlikely unless “something very big, a very serious violation” is found in the selection process.

What we have learned is not to put the world cup in places where controversy could arise. FIFA has hopefully learned to clean their act up as the world is finally keeping a close eye on what seemed to be a perfectionists organization. Scandals often occur with big sports organizations, but this one was a big surprise and it involved a lot of people and money. The world has also learned that money isn’t everything, and having respect is the most important thing. Sounds familiar right? FIFA has this whole modo about respect, well they just lost it all.


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