Stampede Survival Guide

By Sara N

You’re on your way to school, driving down the road and staring out the window with boredom. Suddenly you see something that makes your heart stop. All down the street, the lamp posts are lined with familiar red flags. This can only mean one thing: the Stampede is coming. As every Calgarian knows, the Stampede is one of the highlights of anyone’s summer break. The parade, rides, and shows all add up to make the Stampede the amazing event that it is. Experienced Calgarians have their own tips and tricks to making the most out of the annual event, and they shared them for the benefit of all newbies.


All adrenaline junkies know that the Stampede is a great place to get a taste for a whole selection of high-speed rides. GradeInline image 1nine student and Stampede expert Kathryn Strayer says, “If you want a full day adventure at the Stampede, I would do all the attractions during the day and then concerts in the evening, so you can avoid all the sketchy people that go on the rides at night.” She also adds, “As long as you’re with your friends and having a good time, you won’t even notice the lineups.” When going on rides, it’s always a good idea to stay with a group. It’ll make the experience more fun, and make sure you’re safe at the same time.


The Stampede is known for its crazy food. All things deep fried and weird are readily available for any adventurous food lovers. This year’s lineup is just as diverse and strange as normal. For people with a sweet tooth, there are options like the Mini Donut Popsicle, Ogre Cone, Fruit from the Fruit, Crazy Cones, PB and J Funnel Cake, Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Capital PBJ, Giant Fruit Spears, Fruit and Herb Infused Drinks, and PB Powerballs. Savoury lovers can indulge in things like a hundred dollar hotdog, complete with truffles and fresh lobster tail. Jalapeno Poutine, Bacon Jalapeno Cheese on a Stick, Jurassic Pork, Red Curry Poutine, Meatball Sub, Deep Fried Cheese Pie and Bourbon Street Peppercorn Steak Poutine are other equally promising options. There is also a wide variety of weird options, including the Cactus Burger, Cockroach Pizza, Red Velvet Chicken Strips, Footlong Pizza Dog, Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese, Lobster Corn Dog, Peanut Butter Kabob, Biggest Dog on a Stick, Churros with Ginger Sugar, Jalapeno Chocolate and Lime Fudge, and Gators BBQ.


Every year, the Coca Cola Stage is lit up by the performances of some of today’s best-known artists. Featured artists for 2015 include Calgary’s own Keisza, singer of hit song Hideaway. Vance Joy, Lights, and Magic! will also be performing. Jennah Motani, ninth grader says, “I’ve never been to Stampede but I’m excited for all the concerts. I’m definitely going to go to Vance Joy’s performance.” Make sure to check out your favourite performers this summer for a truly Calgarian music experience.
That just about sums up the most important things you need to know before going to this year’s Stampede. Whoever you go with, whatever shows you attend, have a great time and a great summer! Good luck and happy stampeding!


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